July 18, 2013


Hello Readers.
As you can see, I'm finally back to blogging. I'd just like to start out by explaining why I've been taking a break from blogging recently and that was because I sadly had my dog put down on Tuesday. My dog Buster, had been poorly for about 2 weeks, with a limp and heavy breathing. He had been to the vets at least 4 times over those 2 weeks and each time they sent us back saying it was most likely a suspected shoulder injury and a possible side affect of the medication. My family still had our concerns despite what we were being told and took our dog to have x-rays done on Saturday the 13th.

The x-rays revealed that he had developed a large, aggressive chest tumour which had broken some of his ribs and drastically misplaced his heart. Sadly there was nothing that could be done for him so we did what was best and had him put to sleep as he was in a great deal of pain. As you can only imagine, I've been extremely upset. My dog was only 2 years old and was a big part of my life. None of us ever expected this in a dog so young, especially when even trained vets struggled to detect it. I've never dealt with the loss of a pet before so this kind of grief is all quite new to me and I'm not really sure how to take it. I have many great memories with him, which I shall treasure forever.

RIP to my beautiful, smiley little dog.
I love you.

As of tomorrow, I will be returning to my usual posts consisting of fashion and beauty. Most likely I will be easing myself back into things with an outfit of the day post. I hope you all don't mind this very personal post. I just thought I should update you to explain why things might not be running as smoothly as they usually did or if I seem a bit different for the next few posts in the future.

Thank you if you took the time to read through this, I really appreciate it.


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