January 15, 2014

Beauty Photoshoot #2

Hello Readers,

Today I will be showing you some of the images from a recent photoshoot I did.
As some of you may know, I'm currently on a gap year so it's really important for me to use this time to build my photography portfolio up and try and better myself as a photographer. I moved up to Nottingham to help open myself up to new experiences however this created the problem of me not having any contacts up here.

Luckily I found a modelling agency which has helped provide me with some amazing models so far and I also have recently found myself an MUA. So with that being said, shoots are becoming a bit more of a regular thing now!

Jessica, the makeup artist, was also responsible for creating this beautiful floral crown for the shoot. How amazing is that?! It was such a lovely prop to work with and I absolutely adore it!

Model: Klaudia Weselak @ Model Students
MUA: Jessica Rose Pykett
Location: Hopkinson Vintage and Antique Store.


That's all for this post.

Let me know what you think of these images! I'd love to hear some feedback.
I hope you're all well.


January 12, 2014

Meeting Other Bloggers!

Hello Readers,

Today's post is about my recent meet up with Laura Louise Haynes and Jessica Power, two fashion bloggers who are fairly local to me. I've always wanted to meet other bloggers as I personally don't know anyone else who does it so it was really refreshing to be able to meet two lovely girls who share a similar interest to me. I wanted to take some OOTD pictures for the girls blogs and here are a few of the shots;

This was quite a last minute arranged thing and both Laura and Jess had a very tight schedule planned yet still made the time to go out of their way and meet up with me which I was incredibly grateful for. It was even Jess' 21st Birthday on this day and she still came along! These photographs were taken just before the light started to turn really rubbish so it was very well timed. Overall I'm pretty happy with the photos and feel very pleased to have finally worked with some bloggers.Both of the girls have an amazing style so I highly recommend you check out their blogs!

Laura's blog is -

That's all for this post.

I hope you're all well!


January 09, 2014

OOTD #21


Hello Readers,

Today I have my first OOTD post of 2014! I'm really hoping to post a lot more outfits this year as I'd say I have more of an interest in style rather than beauty, although saying that I do love them both. Also I feel like I don't really know enough about make-up to really be writing about it sometimes, I don't know if anyone else in the blogging community feels that way? My problem with OOTD posts is that I rarely ever go anywhere worth making an effort for, like today for example I went for breakfast and then went to the shop. Half the time I go out it's to run simple little errands like that so I don't wear anything special and anytime I actually am going anywhere and have made an effort, I don't seem to have time to take pictures. So I basically just need to push myself to either make an effort more often or to actually go places! - Potential resolutions for this year?

 Today's outfit is rather simple and unfortunately is very similar to one that I wore back in October time I think? This skort has made an appearance on my blog before but I swear I'm wearing it with different items this time! (although they do look similar oops) As per usual I've stayed true to my typically monochromatic style, pairing this fluffy cropped Topshop jumper I got for Christmas with my little patterned skort. I've then paired it with my fairly new heeled boots from Topshop, I did originally want the Topshop Astrix boots, however they didn't have any in my size so I settled for the cheaper lookalikes and to be fair I love them just as much! They're extremely comfortable and give me a much needed height boost without being too unpractical. I threw on my new oversized jacket from New Look that I got last week and then to wrap it all up, It wouldn't be a typical outfit from me without my trusty little bowler hat that never seems to leave my head!

Fluffy Cropped Black Jumper - Topshop
Monochrome Skort - Ebay
Heeled Boots - Topshop
Bowler Hat - Amazon
Coat - New Look.
Tights - Primark

That's all for this post. I hope you're enjoyed it, sorry if it seems like I rambled on a little bit in some places - I feel like I may have got a little too chatty in this one haha!

I hope you're all well!

January 07, 2014

Best Products of 2013

Hello Readers!

Today I will be doing a round up of my favourite products that I've used throughout 2013. 2013 has been a year that has just simply flown by and during this year I've found some products that I really do swear by. I'll just say now as a little disclaimer that actually a lot of these products are ones that I seemed to have picked up towards the end of 2012, however they have been consistently used throughout 2013 which is why I included them in this post. The title may be slightly misleading but basically this post is just me showing you my favourite products that I used throughout last year.
 My first favourite product of 2013 is the Real Techniques buffing brush. I'm pretty sure I got this in the core collection towards the end of 2012, however it wasn't really until 2013 that I really realised just how good this brush is and I've not used another brush to apply my foundation since. I use this pretty much everyday and no other brush compares. It applies my foundation really evenly, quickly and just overall helps to create a flawless finish. I've never experienced any problems with it shedding, even after being washed multiple times. It's a fantastic brush and has truly revolutionized my make-up routine forever.

Next up is a product that really surprised me with just how much I grew to like it and it's this ELF Lipstick in the shade Gypsy. I ordered this lipstick on a whim back in November when ELF reached 20,000 followers on twitter and gave everyone a 50% off code with all orders over £10. I ordered a bunch of stuff and decided whilst I was at it, I would pick up my first ever ELF lipstick. It was only £1.50 so I thought I might as well pick up a colour I wouldn't typically go for and if I didn't like it then ultimately it wouldn't matter as it was so cheap. Gypsy is a slightly pinky / purple raspberry colour - although in the photos it doesn't look like that at all. I typically go for nudes, reds, orange shades or burgundy so this really isn't something I would go for, however it's actually become one of my favourite and most reached for lipsticks! The colour is really flattering on my skin tone and I just feel like it compliments a lot of the clothes I wear also. It just seems to go with everything I put on and is a lipstick that isn't too bright and in your face so it's appropriate for everyday use. It has a slight shine to it however I don't mind as this makes it feel more comfortable to wear on the lips, the only negative thing I could possibly say about this lipstick is that it's not as long lasting as some of my other lipsticks but other than that it's amazing, and for £1.50 you really can't complain!

 Next up is Sleeks face contour kit in Light. This is a fantastic little palette which I love to bits! I picked this up whilst I was in London in December 2012, and since then I've used it a multitude of times however I'm yet to even make a dent in it! This is the perfect bronzer for my skin tone, it's easy to work with, it's not orangey at all, it's really blendable and best of all can be easily layered. I love using this all year round as it helps to add a bit of colour to my otherwise very pale face. I also really love the highlight as it too is really buildable, blendable and suits my skin perfectly. I love using this to highlight my cupids bow in particular as it just looks so pretty! This compact can easily be used on the go due to the large mirror inside and it's small and sleek packaging. I love this duo and highly recommend it to everyone!
 Next up is a product that I rarely ever seem to shut up about but it's just so good so you'll have to forgive me! Surprise, surprise it's the GOSH BB Cream in the shade Sand. This is now my second tube of this product and I absolutely swear by it! I use it everyday and prefer it over any foundation I've ever used. Let me start off by saying that the colour is the perfect match for my skin tone, which I really didn't expect considering the name of the shade. I find it really difficult finding products that match my skin tone as I'm so incredibly pale so it was really did surprise me. This product has a really light, creamy texture which blends into the skin beautifully. It has a light to medium coverage, as you would expect from a BB cream. It sits lovely on my skin, not drying, cakey, or greasy at all. This product is also quite long lasting, I find that I can put it on in the morning, go work a 9 hour shift and come back with it still on, looking more or less the same as it did in the morning. This product just creates a your skin but better look, which I really like. GOSH is a brand that I so regularly overlook as I thought it was so overpriced however I really need to give more of the products a go if this is anything to go by!

Next up is a skincare product, now I'm not exactly the best person when it comes to skincare, I don't really know a lot about it and I don't really have a routine. Whenever I do have one I actually seem to find that my skin gets worse so I just use whatever and hope for the best. (Bad blogger alert) This is a product that I really love using when my skin isn't doing too well. I've been using it for about 2 years now and have gone through many tubes of it now. This is Simples Spotless Skin Spot Zapper. It's basically a roll on Spot Zapper which is really kind and gentle to the skin and helps to gradually get rid of any spots that you may have. It contains Zinc, Chamomile, Witch Hazel and Lavender. Zinc PCA absorbs excess oils and helps to heal wounds, Chamomile acts as an anti inflammatory, Witch Hazel helps to tone and tighten pores and Lavender calms and soothes redness. This doesn't dry your skin out like some other spot treatments do and it also doesn't have any off putting scent to it. Simple is a skincare brand that I really trust, I do really like the idea behind their products and haven't disliked a single product that I've tried from them. At first glance you wouldn't expect this product to last you a long time, however just one of these tubes lasts me for months! I honestly couldn't tell you the last time I picked one of these up as it was so long ago. This product has a roll on applicator which means application is simple (no pun intended) easy and clean.
That's it for this post, I hope you have enjoyed.
If you haven't tried any of these products then I highly recommend giving them a go!

I hope you're all well.


January 06, 2014

Sleek Lace Blush Palette Review

Hello Readers,

Today I will be reviewing the Sleek Blush By 3 Palette in Lace. I've been after this product for quite sometime now, yet I just never seemed to pick it up. I've popped into Superdrug countless times to look at it, and have almost ordered it on Amazon an abundance of times. However, I very kindly received it as a Christmas Present from one of my boyfriends sisters, which I am extremely thankful for! I'm no stranger to Sleek, it's a brand which I am quite familiar with as I now have a few products from them. It's a brand that rarely ever seems to disappoint as most of their products are high quality, extremely pigmented, affordable and not to mention accessible!
The Blush By 3 Palette is a palette consisting of 3 blushes - obvious I know! There are 6 different palettes to choose from and those are;
-Pink Spirit
- Pumpkin
- Sugar
- Sweet Cheeks

All are priced at £9.99 which is an absolute steal for 3 blushes!
 All of the palettes are full of extremely bright and pigmented colours however Lace was the palette I wanted in particular as I felt like it had the most wearable shades to suit my skin tone. As usual it comes in Sleeks trade mark lightweight black and if you'll pardon the cringey pun, "sleek" packaging. It's simple yet classy and that's what I like about it.There's a full size mirror within the compact meaning this is the perfect product to take on the go with you as touch ups are easy!
There's a fantastic selection of shades within the palette I chose, all of which are very bright orange / coral toned and are extremely pigmented. You also get a range of finishes, the palette contains 2 matte blushes and 1 shimmery one.

The three shades within the palette are;

Crochet is the bright orange peachy shade which at first glance looks quite intimidating as it's so bright, however you just need the tiniest amount on a brush to be able to create a perfect, healthy looking flush of colour to the face. Crochet is a matte blush.
Guipure is the only shimmery blush within the palette. It's a peach toned pink with very fine golden flecks all throughout it. Shimmery blushes aren't typically what I go for, I'm normally a matte kind of girl however this blush looks lovely on the skin and gives you a glowy finish without looking like you've just whacked a load of glitter on your face. This is also a great blush to layer on top of other blushes.
Chantilly is probably the most scary looking one within the palette. It's a bright red toned pink which is a colour I don't think I've ever owned in my life. All of my blush shades are either pink or coral so this is something really new for me. Like Crochet, this is another colour which also requires only a minimal amount on a brush to be able to create a lovely flush of colour to the cheeks. If you have a darker skin tone you may be able to get away with layering this up a bit however on us extremely pale girls, we need to go easy on it! Just a small amount and the right amount of blending makes this wearable for even the palest of skin tones.
Swatches of all the colours.

As mentioned before, all the shades are incredibly pigmented, they layer well, blend rather easily and last pretty much all day on the skin!

Overall I feel like this palette probably is more suited to the Summer months however that's not going to stop me from continuing to use it now, even in gloomy January! Crochet is fast becoming one of my favourite shades to reach for. I've even had my boyfriend tell me how much he likes that shade on me so if a boy notices it, that's got to be a good thing right?!

If you're yet to try any Sleek products I highly recommend you give them ago. It's a brand that provides great high quality products for low prices and they have the most amazing colour range.

That's all for this post, I know I'm a bit late when it comes to reviewing this product as it's been out for a while now but hopefully this review comes in handy to someone!

Have you tried this product? What do you think of it?
What Sleek products would you recommend?

I hope you're all well.

January 05, 2014

Warby Parker - The Leith Clark Collection

Hello Readers,

I'd just like to say how sorry I am for not updating my blog in almost a month! I have now finished my Christmas temp job so I now have the time to sit down and blog again. I'm hoping to just get back into the swing of posting more regularly (or so she says) I have a fair few posts planned, most of them are reviews so keep your eyes peeled! Today I'm going to be blogging about Warby Parker, an eyewear company who I was recently contacted by to help promote some of their collections.

Warby Parker is a company that was set up by four friends, who wanted to introduce diversity to the eyewear market. They set up the company with the aim to create stylish, high quality and affordable eyewear. What more could you possibly want! Their collections are all very unique and best of all vintage inspired. I decided to blog about the Leith Clark x Warby Parker collection in particular. This collection is an exciting collaboration between Warby Parker and Leith Clark - a well known stylist to the stars and founder and editor of Lula Magazine.

Leith Clark herself has a very cute, vintage style so her collaboration with Warby Parker really shows that off. When talking about the collection she designed, Leith Clark described what exactly had inspired her;
"I like the 1960s, librarians, nerdy girls. I like glasses you had when you were a kid — or that your dad wore when you were a kid — and wearing them now.
I like Bergman. Big thick glasses on a little, tiny face. When there are etchings or engravings or magically-made materials.
I like pearls, brass, opera glasses. Everything being all violet. I like seeing the world with a pretty pink tint to it."
Leith Clark

This collection consists of 5 beautiful frames, each with a variety of lens colours to choose from so you can really personalise the glasses to suit your taste. Here is a selection of images of the frames, each modelled by American actress Zoe Kazan.

Aurora - Daughter of Pearl
Aurora’s marbled acetate, rimless lenses, and a keyhole bridge add up to a strong dose of vintage charm.

Greta - Crystal
Putting on Greta’s perfectly circular lenses is the quickest way to boost your look.

Marva - Cobalt Leaf
Marva’s subtle brow arch and round lenses make for a completely enchanting pair.

Wednesday - Noir
Wednesday’s cat-eye shape, titanium temples, and acetate temple tips are a winning combination for any face shape.


Willow - Aldabra
Petite faces will take to Willow’s delicate oval frames and slightly cat-eyed silhouette.

I for one, really like this collection. The frames are beautifully designed and look ever so chic. The collection is both sassy and smart so it's appealing to a large market. I love the vintage yet modern look these glasses have to them! I think my favourite pair would have to be the Marva Cobalt Leaf pair with the purple tinted lenses. They're so different and I think that's what makes them really stand out, they're just so striking.
Warby Parker do a great selection of both eyewear and sunglasses, so there's something for everyone. Not only that, but for every pair of glasses sold, they distribute a pair for someone in need which is incredibly kind. Infact, this summer just gone they donated an amazing half a million pairs of glasses to people in need! With the Leith Clark collection in particular, they also donate a percentage of the money they earn from sales to Girl Up, a United Nations Foundation campaign mobilizing American girls to raise awareness and funds for UN programs that provide life-changing opportunities to girls around the world.

So with all that being said, I'd highly recommend checking this brand out if you're ever in need of glasses or sunglasses. With glasses ranging from £95 and the many great charitable things this company does, it's definitely worth having a look at what they have!
What are your thoughts of the Leith Clark Collaboration? What is your favourite pair?
Let me know!