July 25, 2013

Fashion and Beauty Shoot.

Hello Everyone!

I'm back again and with another photography related post. I hope you don't mind 2 photography posts in a row but I had 2 shoots planned this week and I've just been so happy with the outcome of them both that I thought I'd share them on my blog. Plus, because of said shoots, I've not been able to take pictures of anything else for a different post! I'm sure I'll be back tomorrow with something non photography related however.

Today I got to work with a hairdresser called Trixie, who I have worked with on a few shoots now. We teamed up and did a few mini shoots just to add to both of our portfolios. I got to use 2 new models and even did a bit of modelling myself. So here are a few of the images from today's shoot! I've not included any of the ones of me as I obviously didn't take those ones.

That's it for todays post! Let me know what you think of some of these images. I did the makeup on the red haired girl, what do you think? Not too bad considering I'm not too great with makeup.. or at least I think so haha!
Hope you're all well.


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