July 12, 2013


Hello Readers!

Today's post is an outfit of the day. I've been busy photographing a prom today and now I'm eating a Chinese, watching a movie and trying to edit the photos as well as typing this out (multi-tasking at it's finest) so I've not really had time to do anything other than a simple post so I hope you don't mind. The heat wave continues in England! So amazingly I'm still digging out the summer clothing. As you may be able to see from these photos, I've caught the sun on my knee caps which is why they're bright red and incredibly painful.

I got the shirt and skirt from Topshop about two years ago so I don't think they'll be available anymore although they could have something similar out right now. I'm wearing Coral Bliss by MAC in these shots as it's my favourite lipstick right now, I love how this lipstick picks out the coral tones in the skirt and helps compliment them.


Sleeveless White Shirt - Topshop
Floral Bodycon Skirt - Topshop
Brown Sandals - George at Asda
Black Bowler Hat - Amazon
2 Gold Rings - Hand Me Downs
Gold Bracelet - Hand Me Down

Lipstick:Coral Bliss - MAC

That's it for todays post, I hope you enjoyed it.

Take care!



  1. Beautiful outfit! love the skirt!! your pictures are also amazing! :)

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    Daniela X❤X❤