July 10, 2013

Beauty Things I Suck At.


Hello My Lovelies!

Today I'll be doing something a bit different, I've seen this tag floating around on Youtube and a lot of beauty gurus have been doing it. I personally love watching this people do this tag, probably because I find it quite reassuring to know that I'm not the only one who struggles with certain beauty related tasks. Anyway, I'm not brave enough to sit infront of a camera and record myself talking but I wanted to do this tag really badly so I thought why not just do it on my blog. I don't know if anyone else has done a blog post version of this tag yet but I'd be interested to see anyone who has. So here goes, here is a list of beauty things that I suck at!
1. Applying False Eyelashes
I have tried on so many occasions to put false eyelashes on and I think I've only ever had 3 positive experiences with them. I just can't seem to put them on properly despite the fact I follow all the instructions and tips which are meant to help you. I put a thin and even strip of glue along the lash line, wait till it goes tacky and then apply them as close to my lash line as possible. I'll hold them down for a few seconds and then when I take my hands off, I see that the inner corner of the lashes has flapped up yet the rest of the eyelash has gone on perfectly. Then I always end up battling with the inner corner, trying to put more glue on to that part, which then results in there being too much glue, the glue goes into my eyes, my eyes start running and the false eyelash just becomes too wet to work with so I give up and rip them off in frustration. I honestly couldn't tell you how many times I've had that exact problem. Clearly, I'm just not meant to wear false lashes!

I'm talking about lid liner that is by the way, in particular the cat eye. I wear eyeliner almost everyday yet I still struggle with it on a regular basis. I'm getting better at doing a thin line across my lid but I'm still absolutely rubbish when it comes to doing the little flick. It just never looks even, one looks more curved whereas the other flick just looks straight, so i'll keep adding to the flicks until I'll have either 2 ridiculously long straight lines coming from off my eyes, are 2 ridiculously long curved lines coming off my eyes. Neither of which is a good look! It normally takes me a few attempts when I'm doing my eyeliner flicks until I'm happy with it or I just can't be bothered anymore.

3.Curling My Lashes
Let it be known now that I cannot for the life of me, curl my eyelashes. I don't even have an eyelash curler anymore as I was so frustrated with it that I threw it out. I have very short, stubby lashes so mascara on it's own never really works wonders for me so I thought curling my lashes would be a brilliant idea as then I'd be able to have lovely big, curled lashes. Wrong! I could never curl my lashes without pulling a bunch of them out or catching my eyelid which is extremely painful and uncomfortable. After catching my eyelid with my eyelash curlers on multiple occasions I developed a fear of using them so I couldn't even bring myself to lift them anywhere near my eyes anymore.
4. Blending Eyeshadow
So I wouldn't say I'm absolutely awful at this, most of the time I'm quite happy with my ability to use and blend eyeshadow, however sometimes when I'm using a darker colour I always worry that it doesn't look blended enough, and so I'll keep blending it but then I worry that it's too blended and the colour isn't even noticeable anymore. So basically, I struggle to meet in the middle of too much blending and not enough blending. If that makes any sense?

Does this even fit into this tag? I hope so! Basically, if you haven't been able to tell from my pictures already, I am rubbish at doing hair! I can't curl it very well, I certainly can't straighten it very well either. I'm just rubbish at doing my hair! My hair is very thick, wavy and frizzy so I can be very lazy when it comes to doing it.

So that's it for beauty things I suck at. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you or anyone else has done a blog post of this tag let me know and link it below! I'd love to have a look.

Take Care!



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