July 26, 2010

breathe your life into me.

Why hello there.
I don't have much to say once again, I just wanted to share with you some more beautiful photography I've come across this evening. Most of them are all shot by different photographers, only some are shot by the same and I'm sure it's quite obvious which ones are. Alot of the images involve nudity but I'm really not bothered by that, infact it really doesn't bother me at all. If anything I think nudity just makes the image look overall more abstract and therefore far more eye catching. These are just mindblowing to be quite honest, I wish I could do something amazing like this.

July 18, 2010

do you pray with your eyes closed?

oh my gosh.

I've fallen in love with Paco Peregrin's fashion photography. It's so edgy and i absolutely adore it! Most of his work involves a lot of heavy makeup and bold colours and his photography tends to be quite bizarre but amazingly stunning nonetheless. I'm totally gutted that I've only just discovered his work tonight as it really is so beautiful! In fact just looking at his work has inspired me so much tonight, fashion photography is something I've wanted to try for a very long time now but I've never so much as even attempted it. One reason for that is because i have no friends who would be confident enough to try modelling for something as different as that, I'm sure one day i shall persuade one of them to try it for me. Then of course there are many other reasons such as, lack of decent background, shitty lighting blah blah blahhhh. So for now I'll have to stick with the usual scenery/nature sort of photography i do. (That's if you consider my photo's actual photography or just a girl messing around with a camera - your judgement to make there.) With this blog post I've included some of my favourite pictures taken by Paco, and in case you couldn't tell by the mass amount of images I've included it was very difficult to chose only a few favourites.