February 19, 2013

My Top 5 Blushes.

Hello Everyone!
For today's post, I was a bit stuck on what to do so after giving it some thought I randomly decided to do a post about my 5 favourite blushes. I am a makeup fanatic and blushes are my weakness. I never stay faithful to the one blush and I'm always switching up which one I use. I just love the healthy glow of colour they add to your face.
I do have a few more blushes in my makeup collection however I decided to only show 5 as these are the ones that I find myself switching between the most.
These are in no particular order. (I couldn't pick which one I prefer more!)
Oh and the blushes featured below are all powder blushes as that is my preference.
Natural Collection Blush in Peach Melba    
(Swatch of Peach Melba)
If there is one blush I would recommend to everyone it would be this one. Natural Collection in Peach Melba. Not only is it a stunning colour BUT it's really good value for money as well, for those who are on a budget. Peach melba is exactly as the name would suggest, it's a beautiful pinky, peach shade which is incredibly pigmented so you only need to use a little bit of it. The blush is available in Boots and nowhere else (as far as I'm aware) and is only £1.99. Incredible value!
Mac Blush in Melba
Mac Melba is a lovely matte blush which is similar to Natural Collection's Peach Melba, however this blush is more peach / coral toned whereas Peach Melba is more pinky toned. This blush is also very pigmented so only a little amount of it is needed to add a bit of colour to your face.
This blush is available from any Mac Store and is £17.50 which is definitely a bit of a splurge for a blush but it's so worth it!
Sleek Blush In Suede
Sleek is one of my favourite makeup brands, it's great quality and good value too. What more could you ask for? Suede is a lovely deep coral/peach colour which looks good on all skin tones as it adds a nice healthy colour to the face. This blush is not quite matte, as if you look really closely you can see very subtle shimmers. This blush is available on the Sleek website and in some Superdrug stores and costs £4.49
Nars Blush In Deep throat
Nars Deep Throat is the sheerest of all the blushes and is not very pigmented so it does require a bit of layering up before you see the colour HOWEVER once you have built up the colour, it looks so lovely and adds a subtle but healthy glow to your complexion. Deep throat looks like a very deep pink colour in the pan with lots of gold shimmers, however it transfers very sheer and light.
Deep throat is one of the most expensive blushes in the selection and can be purchased on ASOS for £21.50.
Benefit Blush in Dandelion.  
As you can see from the images above, I do not own the full size version of this product. Instead I own a small sample of it from a cute little set I purchased from Benefit called Feelin' Dandy. This blush is a very subtle pink colour with slight shimmers which looks very natural on the skin and blends in very easily. It adds the perfect glow to your face without looking like you have too much makeup on. The full size product is available from all Benefit counters and can be purchased online. This blush is the most expensive of the lot at £23.
I hope this post is somewhat interesting for you all to read. It's taken me so long to write up so I hope I haven't gone on too much!


February 18, 2013

Wishlist #1

Hello Everyone!
So for my second post, I planned to do an outfit of the day as I recently bought some new clothes and was really excited to show you how I styled one of the items I had purchased, however I didn't have time to take pictures today as I've been incredibly busy with both work and college. I will post an outfit of the day soon, possibly on Wednesday as that is when I have a bit of time to take some pictures.
So, I was pondering on what I could possibly post instead and ended up settling on the idea of posting a wish list of a few things that I currently am lusting after. So I hope you enjoy!
The details of the items I've listed, including the prices have all been included below if any of you are interested.
Image Description from Left to Right.
1. Topshop LASSIE Ankle Strap Platforms - £55
2. Daniel Sander Watercolour Blush - £14.50
3. ADONIS2 Suede Cutout Boots - £77
4. Motel Penny Babydoll Dress in Black and White Stripe - £45
5. Jeffrey Campbell 4 Evz in Ivory Coral Floral - £105
6. Benefit Blush in Dallas - £23
7. Origin Super Spot Remover - £13
8. Nikon AF 50mm f/1.8D lens - £86.48
9. Marc Jacobs Daisy - £42.99
 *None of these images were taken by me*



February 17, 2013

Review: Soap and Glory Hot Cloth Cleanser.

Hello readers! Welcome to my first real post on my blog. I wasn't sure what exactly to kick off with first but in the end I decided to start nice and simple with a review. I hope any of you reading this find this somewhat helpful and please do not be offended if you do not agree with the comments I have made regarding this product. It's all just a matter of opinion!

I personally do not really use any Soap and Glory products, nor have I really experimented with them that much. It's not because I have something against the brand, it's just simply because it's a brand that I've never really delved into for some reason.

Recently, I've found that I'm really trying to get into skincare and I'm attempting to sort out a skincare routine that I'll stick to. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to taking off my makeup so I need something that's simple, quick and effortless.

After reading a review on the Hot Cloth Cleanser, I decided to buy it and give it a try. It retails for about £10 (I think) which is probably the most expensive skincare item I have purchased so far. The Soap and Glory Hot Cloth Cleanser gives you 100ml of product which isn't too bad and it comes with a muslin cloth. I was persuaded in to buying this product when I read that it's supposed to be a pretty good dupe for the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish which is around the £15 mark and gives you the same amount of product as the Soap and Glory cleanser. (100ml)

I've heard wonderful things about the Liz Earle Cleanser so I figured why not save myself a bit of money and try out Soap and glory's dupe of it.

My first impression of this product was that it does have a very strong lavender scent. Now to some people this will be quite off putting and to others it won't bother them. The cleanser contains panthenol, natural sweet almond, orange and lavender essential oils, but the only scent you notice is the lavender. The strong scent made me concerned about just how much lavender oils were in this product and how my skin would react to this.

I used this product for about 10 days. At first I really did enjoy the product, it made my skin feel really, really soft and it completely removed any excess makeup that was left after using makeup wipes. However, after a few days of using it I found that my skin was getting worse. (This post is going to get a bit gross now guys, just a warning) My skin wasn't particularly bad before hand, but this product seemed to have irritated my skin and caused me to have a mini break out on the left side of my face. I continued to use the cleanser after this breakout thinking that it was bringing out all the impurities in my skin in order to completely cleanse it. However, my skin continued to only worsen and I decided to stop using the product.

Since then I have been battling with my skin to get it back to it's normal condition. I STILL have a spot left on my cheek that I have been battling to get rid of for about 3 weeks now. I've used a bunch of products on it and only this week has it started to go down in size and is beginning to disappear.
I used the Soap and Glory Hot Cloth Cleanser correctly so I doubt that it was an error on my part for the bad reaction that I had with this product. Perhaps it's just too rich to use as a daily product? Maybe just using it 2-3 times a week would be better? I personally think that the scented product was just too heavy for my skin, possibly too much lavender oil in the cleanser? I'm not really sure exactly what it was that made my skin react the way it did but I have not used the product since and probably will never touch it again in fear that my skin will react badly again.

So, my summary of this product is;

- It does leave your skin feeling really soft after using it.
- It also leaves you feeling refreshed and that you skin is completely makeup free.
- It has a lovely scent.


- The scent will be a little overpowering to some people.
- As it is a heavily scented product, there's a higher chance of your skin reacting badly to it.
- There's not a lot of product if you wanted to use this daily.
As you can see from this photograph I've included, I have used quite a bit of the product already.
(Sorry for not including the muslin cloth in the photo by the way)

So, have you tried the Soap and Glory Hot Cloth Cleanser? What are your views on the product?
I'd love to hear!


February 15, 2013


Hello Everyone!
I decided before I actually get started on making posts about fashion, beauty, photography etc, I should really create a small introductory post. So, here goes!
My name is Paige Young, I'm 18 years old and live in a small town in the Northamptonshire region.
I'm in my final year at college where I am currently studying photography.
I never used to be interested in clothes and makeup, I found that it wasn't until I came across people on Youtube such as Beautycrush, Sunbeamsjess, Clothesencounters etc, that I began developing an interest in style.
I began taking more of an interest in clothes and makeup midway through my final year of school, when I was about 16 years old. Since then, my style has changed so much and I am now happy with it.
Since developing an interest in beauty and fashion, I've now become hugely interested in fashion photography and I'm always planning shoots and producing my own fashion photography where I myself act as both the MUA and the stylist.

I'm hoping that this blog allows me to just pursue my interests further and who knows what else.

Oh and this is me...

February 14, 2013

It's time.

I've been indecisive for so long about what I want to do with my life. One minute I have my heart set on something and then the next I'm totally clueless. I finish my photography course at college this year and I made the decision not to go to university. I'm taking a gap year and I'm going to try and get myself some more work experience, preferably in retail, as my CV is desperately lacking.
Originally I didn't want to go to university but now, after seeing some of my course mates putting together their portfolio's for university interviews it got me thinking and I've decided that yes, I would like to go to university after my gap year. I'd love to do something with fashion, whether that be a fashion styling course, or a fashion photography course I'm not 100% sure.

So this leads me on to this blog, I figured that to give me the best chance of achieving my goal of doing something fashion related I need to get into blogging. Fashion and beauty blogs are huge right now and if you do it right it can really lead to some amazing opportunities. So I've decided to just get over my fear of what others may think of me and just try and maintain my own little fashion, beauty, and general blog. After taking a year out of college, I feel like a successful fashion blog can only be an advantage when applying for a fashion related course at university.
So, hopefully this post will be the first of many!