July 02, 2013


Hello Readers!

Today's post is yet another outfit of the day. I'm really into these at the minute so I hope you don't mind my blog being really fashion heavy at this moment in time. Today I went into college to get my final grades, collect my photos and meet up with my friends. I'm over the moon with my grades as I've achieved a Distinction in Graphics and a D*DD in Photography! It's nice to know that I've got the grades if I definitely go ahead with applying for university next year.

Today's outfit wasn't exactly weather appropriate. I decided to wear a pair of shorts that I don't wear often as I'm always unsure how to style them, but it decided to be incredibly overcast and on and off raining. So aside from being a bit cold, I really did like this outfit! Like I said these shorts have been rather neglected so it was nice to get some wear out of them.

I'm just going to throw this in now but I'm really not a massive fan of these pictures I've included. I like my outfit but not so much my disgruntled "hurry up taking my picture, it's cold and windy" face. Also the quality is pretty poor due to my ISO being too high so please excuse that.

White Lace Top - Miss Selfridge
Red Shorts - River Island
Brown Leather Loafers - New Look
Gold Chain Bracelet - Hand me down from my mum.
Small Gold Ring - Hand me down from my nan.
Chunky Gold Ring - H&M

That's it for this post, I hope you enjoyed!


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