September 30, 2013

Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Retro Glam Mascara Review


Hello Readers.

Today I will be doing a review of Rimmel London's New Scandal Eyes Retro Glam Mascara. I don't often review mascaras as I personally feel like they all seem to do the same thing however as this is a fairly new product I thought that maybe it might be worth doing a review on. I picked this mascara up last week and have been using it for a few days now so I feel ready to discuss how I've got on with it.

This mascara is advertised as being able to create bold lashes and wide eyed volume. It also claims to create a false lash effect without clumps. I'd have to say that in terms of volume it's a bit of a let down. In the products defence though, I did not curl my lashes before using this product due to the fact that I am terrified of lash curlers and refuse to use them. So this could potentially be a good product if you curl your lashes in advance. It terms of lengthening it's quite good, it definitely helps to elongate my sad little stubby eyelashes and make them look a bit more feminine and pretty. In terms of clumps, it's not a bad mascara either. I mean if you whack on enough coats of any mascara you will end up inevitably with a few clumps here and there. The hour glass shaped brush helps to coat every lash evenly and stop them from becoming too clumpy and stuck together, thus avoiding the dreaded spider legs look. This mascara does make my lashes look very bold in comparison to their natural state and does fan my eyelashes out quite nicely which is something that I really like about this product.

In terms of packaging, I really like it. The packaging has a classic 60's monochrome look which is something that I love. It looks very sleek and clean and just very pretty in general. The chunky shaped tube helps to make this quite a stand out product and also makes it easier to find when you're rummaging around in your makeup bag, trying to get ready in the morning.

So overall it's not a bad mascara by any means. I've seen some reviews where people seem to have had no problems in terms of volume. So I guess it really does depend on your way of application and the state of your lashes to begin with. My lashes are tragically stubby and no mascara ever works wonders in terms of volume. I do however like how bold and intensely black this mascara is, in that sense it really does achieve the retro 60's vibe that it's aimed at re-creating.

This mascara retails for about £6.99 and is available at both Boots and Superdrug.

That's all for this review, I hope you find this somewhat interesting or maybe even helpful.
If you've used this mascara, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

I hope you're all well.


September 29, 2013

My Week In Photos #3

Hello Readers,
Today I will be bringing you my week in photos. I'm still trying to make these more of a regular thing but I am terrible when it comes to photographing what I've been up to. Mainly because I don't really do much! This week has been rather chilled out, I've been applying for jobs like crazy so I'm hoping that something comes my way very soon!

Images from left to right

1. Pushing my new found cooking skills. Cooking Sweet Chilli Chicken and Chicken Korma at the same time.

2. Daisy Street and Leanne Lim Walker liking my instagram pictures. Fan girling!

3. OOTD whilst handing out CV's in town.

4. My boyfriend treating me whilst I'm in bed feeling sick.

5. OOTD for an interview.

6. Taking a recipe from a student cooking website and turning crackers into a mini pizza.

7. Full fringe debate begins again!

I hope you're all well.


September 28, 2013

September Favourites.


Hello Readers.

Today I will be doing my September Favourites post for you and I don't know about you but I can't believe that September is almost over. This year is flying by! It's true when they say "the older you get, the quicker time goes by". Before you know it Christmas will be upon us..

I've been a bit absent from my blog recently so I'd just like to apologize for that. I'm starting to feel motivated to get back into the swing of doing regular posts and have now found the perfect set up to photograph products! So let me know what you think of this new location. I think it's better then the floral bed sheets but that's my personal opinion! I'm still trying to find a good spot to do my OOTD shots however. I'm not really comfortable having my photograph taken in front of loads of people however now that I live in a city, I'm going to have to get over this. I'm never going to be able to make the most of my city background if I'm too scared to be seen doing my OOTD shots!

Anyway enough babbling and on with the post. This month I have 1 skincare favourite and 3 cosmetics favourites to talk about.

The first product I'm going to talk about is this Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub. I don't often talk about skincare products on this blog as I am useless at skincare. I just use whatever product is on offer usually. When doing my food shopping for my new flat, I picked this up on a whim. I've been using this for about a week now and I can honestly say that I really love it. My skin feels lovely and soft after I've used it and due to the pink grapefruit extract within this product it does leave a really uplifting and fresh feeling behind. I've been using this both in the morning when I get up and in the evening before I go to bed and I would say that my skin has been looking much better since using it. My boyfriend has also been using this and he loves it also! When I was a bit younger I found that my skin didn't really like Neutrogena products however I've had no problems with this one and will continue to use it.

The next product I have to talk about is Rimmel London's Match Perfection Foundation in Light Porcelain. I've been using this for months now so this is by no means a new product. I went through a quite a big stage of wearing either BB cream or just a powder instead of foundation, however since being away on holiday and gaining a tiny bit of colour I started using this again and have recently fallen in love with it again. This foundation is the lightest foundation I have personally ever come across and it suits me perfectly right now. It's a very light coverage foundation so those who like a lot of coverage may not like this one as much. I use about a pump and a half to cover my entire face and a little bit more on nights out. This foundation blends very easily and creates a sort of semi-matte finish. It looks very natural on the skin and feels very light also. The only negative criticism I would have to say about this product is that the pump does get very messy as shown in the image above. I do however love this foundation and will continue to re-purchase it.

The next product I have to talk about it another old product which I have recently fallen back in love with. This is Sleek's Blush in the shade Suede. Suede can only be described as a warm peachy toned bronzer, so it can easily be doubled up and used as a bronzer. At first glance, I'll admit it doesn't look like much however it really is beautiful. It's the perfect blush to use when you want to create quite a bronzed, contoured sort of look.This blush is super pigmented so a little goes a long way. I've had this blush for probably about a year now and I have only recently hit pan but ever so slightly as you can see from the slight dent in the image above. The compact is tiny however you get 8g of product in there so it should last you quite a long time. The compact itself is a very small and simple, matte black packaging with a mirror inside which is very handy. This is my only Sleek blush however I would happily purchase more as they all seem to be good quality products and for a fairly decent price too.

The final product I have to talk about this month is this Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in Starry - Eyed. Now that Summer is over and the colder months are upon us I'm itching to start wearing vampy looks. I've already been sporting a vampy look, quite a few times this month and this has been the lipstick that I've reached for. Starry - Eyed is a cross between a plum / red wine colour so it's a colour that I think will compliment a lot of different skintones. This lipstick is long lasting, super pigmented and like all of the lipsticks from the Lasting Finish line, it has a slight shine to it. I personally quite like this as it means it's more comfortable to wear. This lipstick retails around the £4 mark so it's really affordable and I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good vampy lipstick!

That's all for this months favourites post. Please let me know what you think of this new set up to photographing products. I personally think I'm going to stick with this as it looks quite clean and shows of the products well, however I'd love to hear your opinions on it too.

I hope you're all well!


September 24, 2013

OOTD #14

Hello Everyone.

Today I have my first OOTD post for you since my move to Nottingham. I've had quite a productive day today, wandering around the city centre handing out CV's, doing a bit of food shopping and just generally exploring as there's so much of Nottingham that I'm yet to see!
Whilst out today I was stopped by 2 different Fashion Communication Students who asked to photograph me as part of their project on Street Style, I've never in my life had anything like this happen to me so I felt extremely flattered. Nothing like that would ever happen in my little town back in Northampton haha. The little tartan top I wore today seemed to draw in a lot of attention from people and it was only £6 from Primark. Amazing value! I'm really happy with the way I styled it today and I can't wait to plan more outfits around it and my new cut out boots. As you can see from these pictures, I've finally managed to get my hands on a pair of cut out boots that I was talking about in my last wishlist post. (Thank you to my boyfriend) I've already wore them out twice since getting them on Saturday and I can already tell that these will be featured many more times to come on this blog.

Tartan Peter Pan Collar Crop Top - Primark
Disco Pants - American Apparel
Cut Out Boots - Ebay
Bowler Hat - Amazon

That's all for todays post. I hope you're all well!


September 22, 2013

My Week In Photos #2

Hello Everyone.

Today I will be doing a week in photos post. As some of you will know I moved up to Nottingham yesterday and although the journey was particularly stressful due to my dad getting us lost on the way over here, I am finally settled in my flat which I share with my boyfriend Chris. I've been quite busy unpacking so I haven't really had the chance to write out a proper post so this will have to do. I think I'm going to try and do these little summary posts more often so I hope that might be something of interest to you.

Arthur - Our Temporary Guest

Looking Back At Holiday Snaps - Turtle Island in Greece
Cheeky New Purchases from Primark and Superdrug
Pretty Sky

My Beautiful New Boots From My Boyfriend

Mcdonalds In Bed. Heavenly!

Me and My Boyfriend Made Sweet Chilli Chicken For The First Time Ever.
We're Proud!

That's all the photos from this week. I'm going to try and document a bit more of my week so for the next post I have more to show. Expect a lot of food images as now that I'm cooking for myself, I get very proud and feel the need to take pictures of my creations!

I hope you're all well.


September 20, 2013

Mini Haul #6

Hello Everyone.

I'd like to apologize again for my recent absence from my blog. I've been very busy recently preparing and packing for when I move out this Saturday and move all the way to Nottingham. Although most of my money has gone on buying home ware stuff, I did decide yesterday that I would wander up town to pick up some items that I'd seen in Primark the other week and I'd been thinking about. This is just another mini haul as I don't really do massive splurges anymore, I hope it's still interesting for you all!

The first thing I picked up was this Varsity Style T-shirt. This is one of the items that I spotted last week when I was in Primark but didn't pick up and then ended up having remorse about not picking it up whilst I was at home. When the sports luxe trend began I was adamant that it just wasn't for me and I wouldn't be seen dead in any of the varsity style tops. However, after seeing them everywhere for so long and seeing how amazingly some bloggers seemed to style it, I really wanted one. I'm not sure personally if I'm brave enough to wear it out in public, but if not I'll definitely wear it around the flat as a slouchy top. This was only £6 so whether it makes it out the door or not it wasn't much of a loss!

The next thing I picked up was something that must have been new as I hadn't seen it when I was in the week the before. The moment I saw this top hanging up, I rushed towards it. This is a beautiful little tartan peter pan collar crop top, and the photo just really doesn't do it justice. I picked this up in a size 10 so it wasn't super cropped and I am very happy with the fit of this. This little top was only £6 and I think I'll get lots of wear out of it during the A/W season as tartan is bang on trend. I can't wait to style this top and hopefully I'll be able to show you in a OOTD very soon!

Next item is a bit dull and there's not a lot I can really say about them but I picked up a black pair of frilly socks for somewhere under £3. These were super cheap in comparison to the Topshop ones but I'm sure they're just as good!

Next I wandered into Superdrug and decided to pick up this new liquid cheek tint by Rimmel London. I saw this on the Rimmel London website a few days ago and was instantly intrigued by it. This is clearly Rimmels more affordable rivalry product to popular cheek tints such as Benefit's Posie Tint, Benetint etc. They only have 2 shades available, one being "Sunkissed Cherry" which is the one I picked up and the other being "Pop of Pink." I haven't really heard anything at all about this product, no-one seems to have spoke about it so far so I'll be sure to do a review on it as soon as I form an opinion on it. This retails for about £4.50 however there was a buy one get one half price offer on superdrug and this therefore only came to about £2.25 which is a really good deal for a brand new product!

The final thing I picked up was this Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Retro Glam Mascara. This is also a fairly new product for Rimmel and I decided to just pick it up on a whim whilst looking for a new mascara. I'm not really faithful to one particular mascara brand so I normally just pick up whatever takes my fancy at the time. The only reason I picked up a Rimmel one was due to the offer that was on at the time. I've used maybe about 2 Rimmel Mascaras throughout my life time. One being one of the Volume Flash ones which didn't really make an impact on me and the other being the Glam Eyes Day 2 Night one which I actually quite liked. I decided to pick up the this particular mascara however due to it's claims of creating a "bold, wide-eyed, false lash look". I also was rather drawn to the retro looking monochrome packaging and the whole 60's style campaign behind it. I am yet to use this so I shall do a review on this mascara in time once I have formed an opinion of it. This retails for £6.99.

That's all for today's mini haul. I hope you have enjoyed this and found this some what interesting.
I will be making my move up to Nottingham as of tomorrow so I'm not 100% sure about whether or not I'll be posting anything for the next 2 days or so. Hopefully you all understand what a busy and stressful weekend this will be for me. I can't believe I'm about to move out
of my family home for the first time!

I shall be back posting soon hopefully, depending on how quickly I settle in!
I hope you're all well.


September 14, 2013

My Rimmel Lipstick Collection.

Hello Readers!

Today I decided to do a beauty post as it's been a little while since my last one. I was just looking at my lipstick collection the other day when I noticed that I have a few Rimmel lipsticks so I thought I'd do a post talking about the ones that I own and what I think about them. I have 5 lipsticks in total which is not much at all considering just how many Rimmel Lipsticks there are. I have one lipstick from the first Kate Moss collection and the other 4 are just from the normal Lasting Finish line.

My very first Rimmel Lipstick was 164, Tantrum. Which is a very bright red with a slight shine to it. I received this as a Christmas Present from my nan in 2010 I think. So I've had it for quite a while now and it was go to red lipstick for a long time until MAC's Russian Red came into my life. At first glance this lipstick looks kind of like a brownish, dark red colour in the packaging, however this is misleading as it definitely has a blue undertone to it and really is a stand out red. This lipstick is quite long lasting, it's super pigmented, it doesn't feel drying on the lips and it's quite comfortable to wear. However, this lipstick does seem to stain everything you come in contact with so be careful of that. This lipstick retails for around £5 which is a bargain and I'd happily repurchase this again!

The next lipstick I have is 250, Birthday Suit. I bought this last year when I went through a phase of trying to find the perfect nude lipstick. This look's like a really beautiful nude pink shade in the tube however it actually comes out like a gold / orange / brown colour with lots of shimmer in it. This colour looks horrendous on me and that's why this has had probably only one use ever. I am really disappointed with the colour of this lipstick and I wouldn't repurchase this again.

The next lipstick I have is my most recent Rimmel one and that is 128, Starry-Eyed. I bought this some time near the beginning of this year and I have used this quite a lot. Especially as of lately as it's beginning to get colder here and Autumn is almost upon us so I've been getting into the habit of wearing really dark vampy A/W make-up. I love this lipstick, again like my Tantrum lipstick this is super pigmented, comfortable to wear and is quite long lasting. The colour of this lipstick is more or less the same as it looks on the label and in the bullet. It's a plum / wine red colour which is very fitting for the colder months. I will definitely repurchase this again as I love it!

The next lipstick I have is from the first Kate Moss lipstick collection. This is shade 03, which at best can be described as a slightly brownish toned nude. Again this is a nude that it too dark for my skin tone and I feel like it doesn't suit me at all. I think this is a nude that'll be suited to those with more of an olive skin tone. I've used this a few times but not enough times to give a decent review of it.


My final Rimmel lipstick is 206, Nude Pink. This lipstick is more of a pinky nude and it has a very pearly, iridescent shine to it. This one isn't very pigmented, it doesn't really give off a lot of colour it more or less just creates a shine to your lips. I also don't think this one seems to last as long so for that reason I probably wouldn't purchase it again.

That's all for this post. Let me know in the comments if there are any Rimmel lipsticks that you think I should try!

I hope you're all well.