March 28, 2015

PetShopBowl Review

A little while ago now I was very kindly contacted by an online company called The PetshopBowl, who wanted to know if I would review their petfood delivery service for them.
I happily accepted and was promptly sent out a very generous parcel which I'm going to be talking about today!

Of course I wouldn't be able to do this review without the help of my two pets, so allow me to introduce them! As some of you may already know I have a 10 year old cat called Bubbles - he's very grumpy, very fussy with his food and spends majority of his time sleeping in awkward places. However I also now have a 6 year old Shih Tzu cross called Arthur which I don't believe I've mentioned on my blog at all! Arthur is a dog that has sadly been re homed many times through no fault of his own, fortunately he has found his forever home with my family and we'll love him endlessly! 

The PetShopBowl is an online home delivery pet shop, which stock a wide variety of products and brands suitable for all pets. They offer great competitive prices and you'll find things much cheaper on their website than you will in store, plus they offer free delivery on all orders that come to £19.99 or more! The PetshopBowl also offer a Bottomless Bowl subscription which allows you to set up an auto re-order service, set at a date you choose, meaning that you will never run out of pet food again! Something that my family of all people will appreciate as we're always having to make random last minute dashes to the nearest garage when we've ran out of cat food. 

As I was sent this parcel for reviewing purposes, all the contents inside were a complete surprise to me! I did send a few emails back and forth with Amy, the lovely marketing assistant who contacted me and informed her of my pets likes and dislikes so they were able to personalize my parcel according to my pets individual tastes which I thought was very sweet. 

The first thing I received in this box was a pack of 3 Ferplast Cat Balls which I believe are made from Terry Cloth. These balls are very soft and quite bouncy. Unfortunately as my cat is a senior cat he doesn't really play much anymore so he chose to totally ignore these. However, my dog absolutely loves these and is always chasing them around the living room.  

Next up I got this 60g bag of Natures:Menu Salmon and Trout treats. These little treats are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and are also wheat and gluten free. I've never heard of this brand prior to receiving these and would never have thought to try them before as if I'm ever picking up cat treats, I normally go for Whiskas Temptations. However Bubbles loved these! He scoffed these down so quickly which came as such a shock as he is so particular about the food he eats. I'd say he loved these just as much as he loves Whiskas Temptations and that's really saying something! 

Next up we have yet another packet of Cat Treats, this time it's from a brand called Orijen - which again is another brand that I am unfamiliar with. This 35g bag of treats claim to be "Biologically appropriate cat treats" and are made of 100% ranch raised venison, cage free quail and wild caught fish. These treats are made without cooking or preservatives and are freeze dried in order to lock in the freshness. I tried these out on Bubbles and he did eat a few of them however he had really taken to the Natures:Menu ones and therefore didn't give these much attention. I will say that my dog on the other hand really enjoyed these. As soon as the cat wandered away from these in disinterest, Arthur was quick to jump in and scoff them up. So these "biologically appropriate cat treats" became dog treats instead!

The final thing in the package was this rather large bag of dry dog food. Huntland dog food claims to be 100% natural, grain free and specially balanced. Arthur is not particularly fussed on food - infact he's one of those dogs that will just about eat anything, including stuff that's not meant for him (cat food especially). He seemed quite happy tucking into this so no complaints here!

They wouldn't pose for any photos with the stuff we received so the only picture I could get was of the two of them chowing down on some of the food we were sent! 

Overall I've had a really positive experience using the PetshopBowl, I've discovered some new products that I don't think I would have came across in store and have been able to spice up my pets diets by introducing some new, healthy food into their lives. I'd definitely use their service again as it saves money, time and heavy lifting! 

That's all for this review. Again I'd just like the thank the PetshopBowl for allowing me to review their company and for sending out such a lovely parcel.

If any of you are curious in finding out more about the company or possibly making some purchases their website is;

March 13, 2015

Back To Blogging...

After returning from university yesterday I was surprised to see that my tote bag from The Blogger Programme had finally came. I honestly couldn't tell you when I'd sent off for this but it was definitely some time ago! Whilst being thrilled to receive my bag it did leave me feeling a little bit guilty about how much I've neglected my blog since starting university. I've made countless drafts of half finished blog posts which never seemed good enough to publish so my blog has remained untouched since July. I'm almost finished with my second term of university now so I'm hoping that my Easter break gives me the chance to catch back up with some blogging. I have a few reviews to do, some photography posts and possibly some OOTD's. Hopefully I no longer take such a long break between updating my blog!