October 07, 2013

The Cut Out Boot Trend

Hello Readers,

I feel it's about time I finally step in and make a post about the cut out boot trend before it gets any later as I'm already quite late on the bandwagon with this one. Cut out boots are every where at the minute and more and more high street stores seem to be bringing out their answer to this this trend. I myself have only recently got my hands on a pair and I have been wearing them religiously for about 2 weeks now. When I first started seeing these boots I liked them but thought I personally wouldn't wear them as I don't go for really androgynous style shoes. I tried to embrace creepers when they were all the rage but I didn't end up wearing the pair I bought myself so I thought it was going to be the same case with the cut out boots. However I couldn't have been more wrong!

The Balenciaga Cut Out Ankle Boot seemed to kick start the whole thing off, but with a price tag of £795 you had to be pretty well off to get your hands on a pair of these shoes.
The first to bring out a dupe of these shoes was Jeffrey Campbell. The "Coltranes" allowed us to be able to rock the biker chic cut out boot style but without the extreme price tag. However at £150, it's still a bit of a splurge.

Fast forward a few weeks and now there seems to be dupes left right and centre. If you're wanting to get your hands on a pair of cut out boots but couldn't afford to splash out on the first 2 options then there are plenty of alternatives for you!

These boots are from Chockers Shoes and are a great cheaper alternative.

This pair are the ones that I have myself and they're amazing quality. Very comfortable and I didn't need to wear them in at all. I highly recommend!

This pair are from Ark Clothing and are a bit more expensive from some of the other dupes, however they look to be very good quality.
This pair surprisingly come from New Look. They're very popular and have sold out fully. I do believe they have just restocked however so if you're interested have a look.

These boots are from a site called Mr Shoes and they're pretty good dupes for the Coltranes. This pair has silver hardware like the Coltranes and also has a very similar chunky shape. They are also a really good price!

Finally, this pair is from River Island and is another very popular dupe at the moment. The buckles on this are quite different and appear to expose more of the foot, so it's not an exact dupe for either of the expensive boots, however they are really nice and quite quirky due to the different buckles.

That's all for this post, I hope you've enjoyed.
Let me know if this has helped you in anyway at all or if you have any of these pairs and would recommend them. I'd love to hear.

Oh I'd just like to say that I'm sorry for missing 3 days of blogtober. I went home for the weekend so I didn't really have time to be updating my blog. I knew I'd fail at it haha!

Hope you're all well.



  1. I really love this trend! I have some from New Look and I wear them with everything! Really versatile and gorgeous!

    I am a new follower to your blog and so far I am loving all your posts! If you have time, it would mean a lot if you could take a look at my blog too :)


    thank you :) ☼

    1. Same here! I can't stop wearing them haha :)

      Thank you very much! I've followed you back as your blog is lovely :} x