October 08, 2013

Review: Ebay Cut Out Boots

Hello Readers,

Today I will be reviewing for you my Cut Out Ankle Boots which I received as a present from my boyfriend Chris, over 2 weeks ago now. Cut out boots are massively on trend right now and in a post that I did yesterday, I actually featured these boots. As there is such a demand for this style of shoe right now I thought it might be helpful if I review these boots for those of you who may be interested in buying them.

These boots are from Ebay and cost £29.99. The seller I purchased them from stocks 3 different versions of the boots so you do have some variety in what to chose from. You can get them in Black Faux Leather, Black Suede or Tan Brown Faux Leather. I picked them up in Black Faux Leather as Suede shoes are a nightmare to keep clean and I'd have an easier time styling black leather than brown leather as I mostly tend to wear monochrome outfits.

Delivery is £3.99 which obviously does bump up the price a little more however I think this is a perfectly acceptable amount for a pair of boots. My boyfriend ordered these on the 15th of September and they were with me by the 19th. Believe it or not but this was my first item I had ever gotten off of Ebay and I was extremely happy with the service!

The boots themselves are really good quality. I've worn them many times now and I have had no problems with them whatsoever. They're true to size which was a massive relief as getting shoes without trying them on is always a gamble for me. Surprisingly these boots did not require any breaking in and are extremely comfortable, I've not experienced any rubbing or any blisters!  

The gold hardware on the boots is also of good quality, I've had nothing break or come off like I know some people have experienced with the New Look boots. I haven't noticed any scratches or scuffs on the hardware either.

Overall I couldn't have been more happy with these boots. The quality of them is amazing, the price was really reasonable and the service was great. The boots are so easy to style and I've had many compliments on them. I would highly recommend these boots to anyone who is trying to find a cheaper dupe for the cut out boots!

That's all for this post, I hope you're all well.


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