October 25, 2013

Easy Halloween Make-up; Blood and Bruises

Hello Readers,

As the countdown to Halloween continues I'll be doing yet another Halloween Make-up post for you all. However this time I'll be showing you a much easier look which you'll be able to create in about 5 minutes time. Yes, it really is that simple! This is a look that you should be able to create with things you have lying about in your makeup kit, so this is the ideal look for any last minute parties or events you have to go to. So enough chatting and on with the post!

What You'll Need To Create This Look:
- False Eyelash Glue
- Black, Brown, Purple Eyeshadow
- Red Lipgloss
- Red Lipstick

This look consists of an open wound, a bruised / black eye and a bloody nose however you can easily manipulate this look and make it your own, simplify it, make it more dramatic. Whatever you like!

Step 1:
Choose where abouts on your face you want to make your wound. As you can see from my images, I chose to create the wound on the highpoint of my left cheek. To create this wound you want to apply some eyelash glue to your face in whatever shape you like. I went for a medium sized circle shape. Leave the glue to dry for a few minutes until it starts to become tacky. As soon as the glue has become tacky, take either a wooden manicure stick or the back of a small eye make-up brush and begin to carefully pick away at some of the glue, to create a sort of peeled skin kind of look. After you've finished shaping your wound, we're ready to move onto the next step.

Step 2:
Taking your red lipstick, you want to dab a little on the area where the glue is. Then you want to begin to blend the lipstick in so the red isn't too intense. Keep dabbing until you're happy with how the red looks, this will help make the wound look fresh, sore and more realistic.

Step 3:
Taking your purple and brown eyeshadow, you then want to begin shading around and inside the area of the fake wound. This helps to make it look more realistic and creates a sort of bruised look. Also at this point, you'll want to begin using these same eye shadow colours as well as the black one to create your bruised eye.

Step 4:
Taking your red lipgloss, dap some onto your fake wound. The lipgloss will act as fake blood, and will also help to create a more realistic wet texture and shine to the wound. This will make it look more realistic and overall more believable. Taking the same red lipgloss, use it to create your fake nose bleed. Using a lip brush will make the application of this much easier.

Step 5:
After creating the blood for your nose bleed, go in again with your purple and black eyeshadows. Use these eyeshadows around your nostril and in random places through out the trail of fake blood. This helps to give the blood a more realistic look and adds more dimension to it.

So there you go, an easy look created in 5 steps. The key to this look is to blend, blend, blend. Other than that there's not really many ways you can go wrong! Once again, I hope I haven't made this explanation too long winded but I assure you it's super simple and extremely effective. The first time I created this look I genuinely freaked my mum out as she thought it was real!

That's it for this post, I hope you're all well.


  1. Wow just love your halloween make-up looks especially the zipper face very creepy haha really like this as a more realistic approach it looks so real :) amazing talent x


    1. Aw thank you so much! I really appreciate it :) x

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