September 29, 2013

My Week In Photos #3

Hello Readers,
Today I will be bringing you my week in photos. I'm still trying to make these more of a regular thing but I am terrible when it comes to photographing what I've been up to. Mainly because I don't really do much! This week has been rather chilled out, I've been applying for jobs like crazy so I'm hoping that something comes my way very soon!

Images from left to right

1. Pushing my new found cooking skills. Cooking Sweet Chilli Chicken and Chicken Korma at the same time.

2. Daisy Street and Leanne Lim Walker liking my instagram pictures. Fan girling!

3. OOTD whilst handing out CV's in town.

4. My boyfriend treating me whilst I'm in bed feeling sick.

5. OOTD for an interview.

6. Taking a recipe from a student cooking website and turning crackers into a mini pizza.

7. Full fringe debate begins again!

I hope you're all well.



  1. you are SO pretty! I love all your outfits and think you look gorge with a fringe.
    What are those cracker pizzas like? Rather unusual idea!

    xx | PixiRella

    1. Aw thank you so much! I'm thinking of having it cut back in soon :)
      They're actually really nice, you wouldn't think it but they are. It's just like a mini pizza with a crunchy base. Student recipes are certainly bizarre but resourceful at the same time haha! xx