September 14, 2013

My Rimmel Lipstick Collection.

Hello Readers!

Today I decided to do a beauty post as it's been a little while since my last one. I was just looking at my lipstick collection the other day when I noticed that I have a few Rimmel lipsticks so I thought I'd do a post talking about the ones that I own and what I think about them. I have 5 lipsticks in total which is not much at all considering just how many Rimmel Lipsticks there are. I have one lipstick from the first Kate Moss collection and the other 4 are just from the normal Lasting Finish line.

My very first Rimmel Lipstick was 164, Tantrum. Which is a very bright red with a slight shine to it. I received this as a Christmas Present from my nan in 2010 I think. So I've had it for quite a while now and it was go to red lipstick for a long time until MAC's Russian Red came into my life. At first glance this lipstick looks kind of like a brownish, dark red colour in the packaging, however this is misleading as it definitely has a blue undertone to it and really is a stand out red. This lipstick is quite long lasting, it's super pigmented, it doesn't feel drying on the lips and it's quite comfortable to wear. However, this lipstick does seem to stain everything you come in contact with so be careful of that. This lipstick retails for around £5 which is a bargain and I'd happily repurchase this again!

The next lipstick I have is 250, Birthday Suit. I bought this last year when I went through a phase of trying to find the perfect nude lipstick. This look's like a really beautiful nude pink shade in the tube however it actually comes out like a gold / orange / brown colour with lots of shimmer in it. This colour looks horrendous on me and that's why this has had probably only one use ever. I am really disappointed with the colour of this lipstick and I wouldn't repurchase this again.

The next lipstick I have is my most recent Rimmel one and that is 128, Starry-Eyed. I bought this some time near the beginning of this year and I have used this quite a lot. Especially as of lately as it's beginning to get colder here and Autumn is almost upon us so I've been getting into the habit of wearing really dark vampy A/W make-up. I love this lipstick, again like my Tantrum lipstick this is super pigmented, comfortable to wear and is quite long lasting. The colour of this lipstick is more or less the same as it looks on the label and in the bullet. It's a plum / wine red colour which is very fitting for the colder months. I will definitely repurchase this again as I love it!

The next lipstick I have is from the first Kate Moss lipstick collection. This is shade 03, which at best can be described as a slightly brownish toned nude. Again this is a nude that it too dark for my skin tone and I feel like it doesn't suit me at all. I think this is a nude that'll be suited to those with more of an olive skin tone. I've used this a few times but not enough times to give a decent review of it.


My final Rimmel lipstick is 206, Nude Pink. This lipstick is more of a pinky nude and it has a very pearly, iridescent shine to it. This one isn't very pigmented, it doesn't really give off a lot of colour it more or less just creates a shine to your lips. I also don't think this one seems to last as long so for that reason I probably wouldn't purchase it again.

That's all for this post. Let me know in the comments if there are any Rimmel lipsticks that you think I should try!

I hope you're all well.



  1. very pretty colors :)

  2. Oooh I love 1 & 3! Perfect for Autumn. I like Rimmel too- they have a great range of colours with fab prices. I use their Lipstick Lock too on top of all lipstick I wear, its really good!

    Sarah-Jane xo

    1. Thank you very much :) and yeah it's a great brand to go to for lipsticks haha! xx

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    1. Thank you very much! I'll have a look :)