September 08, 2013

Ebay Wishlist #2

Hello Readers!
Today I have an Ebay Wishlist for you all. I was just randomly browsing on there today when I came across a few items that I really liked so I thought I'd show you what I have my eye on at the minute. It's been ages since I did my last Ebay wishlist so apologies for slacking on that!

1. Black Cut Out Ankle Boots - £40
Cut out ankle boots are everywhere right now and I am desperate to get my hands on a pair of them. I've already thought of countless ways to style them, all I need is some money to get some!

2. Daisy Print Shirt - £10.95
So I'm aware that this piece isn't really A/W appropriate and I'm probably a bit late to be jumping on the daisy print trend now however I am so in love with this shirt that I couldn't resist putting it on my wishlist. It would look incredible with some bright red lipstick.

3.Denim Pinafore - £21.99
Again, another trend that I'm late to jump on to. I really, really love these little denim pinafores but I haven't had any money to buy the ones that I liked. I definitely hope to pick one up soon though!

4.Black Flatforms - £25.49
I'd love a pair of black flatforms, I think I'd easily get a lot of wear out of them as I mostly wear black shoes and I do like the fact that they add a bit of height.

5. Oversized Varsity Top - £7.99
I was never really a fan of the sports luxe trend, however after seeing these oversized varisty tops all over the place, I suddenly have the urge to own one. Whether I'd wear it out in public is another question, but I would really like one to slouch about the house in as I love wearing oversized tee's as pyjamas and slouch wear.

That's all for my post today. I hope you've enjoyed!

I hope you're all well.



  1. i LOVE that floral blouse.
    my wardrobe is so heavily filled of floral pieces but they are so pretty!
    Whack a leather jacket or cardie over the top and bammmm - winter ready!

    Mwah PixiRella x

    1. I'm glad you like it :) It's beautiful and quite cheap as well!
      My wardrobe is starting to look very floral these days too haha x