September 22, 2013

My Week In Photos #2

Hello Everyone.

Today I will be doing a week in photos post. As some of you will know I moved up to Nottingham yesterday and although the journey was particularly stressful due to my dad getting us lost on the way over here, I am finally settled in my flat which I share with my boyfriend Chris. I've been quite busy unpacking so I haven't really had the chance to write out a proper post so this will have to do. I think I'm going to try and do these little summary posts more often so I hope that might be something of interest to you.

Arthur - Our Temporary Guest

Looking Back At Holiday Snaps - Turtle Island in Greece
Cheeky New Purchases from Primark and Superdrug
Pretty Sky

My Beautiful New Boots From My Boyfriend

Mcdonalds In Bed. Heavenly!

Me and My Boyfriend Made Sweet Chilli Chicken For The First Time Ever.
We're Proud!

That's all the photos from this week. I'm going to try and document a bit more of my week so for the next post I have more to show. Expect a lot of food images as now that I'm cooking for myself, I get very proud and feel the need to take pictures of my creations!

I hope you're all well.



  1. Fab post! I've tagged you in my recent post doll


    1. Thank you :) I'll check it out! xxxx