February 10, 2014

Shop The Stash

Hello Readers,
I was recently looking through my make-up collection when I realised just how many products I have that I just don't ever seem to use. I'm not by any means the worst for hoarding make-up, however I do go through phases where I'll buy a few products all at once and some just seem to never get used as I get overwhelmed having so many new things to try out. I've decided to "Shop My Stash" in other words, instead of going out and buying more unnecessary products I'm going to use some of the ones that I've neglected. I've chose a good range of products some which I have used, others which I have not. I aim to review these products in the near future and hopefully I'll have some new favourite products to share with you all!
The products that I've challenged myself to start using are;
Dainty Doll Concealer Shade 1
As you can see I've used this product a few times but not enough to have fully formed an opinion on it. I'm starting to run out of my beloved Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer so it's perfect timing for me to give this one a go.
Rimmel "Stay Blushed" Cheek Tint in 004 Sunkissed Cherry
Okay, I know I got this a while ago but I'm pretty sure I've only used it once. How terrible of me! I was meant to try this out so I could review it for my blog however I just never seemed to reach for it. It's very intensely pigmented and I think that might be what scares me!
  MaxFactor Xperience Foundation in the shade Light Ivory.
This actually used to be my go to foundation before I came across my Gosh BB Cream. I've used this since I was about 15 years old, (not this exact tube of course) and really like it. It really does live up to it's claims and can't wait to start using it again!
Collection's Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencil in the shade Vanilla Sky.
 I've used this quite a few times and it's a great product, particularly for highlighting the inner corners. However as I don't actually bother doing anything exciting for my everyday makeup. I find that I don't reach for this at all which is a shame.
Urban Decay Cream Shadow in the shade Suburbia.
Again, I've used this a few times however because I literally don't bother much with eye make-up, I've found that it just doesn't get the use it deserves. It's a beautiful little product which I'm going to start using more often.
 ELF HD Blush in the shade Superstar.
I featured this in my
ELF haul post back in November. In which I said I was yet to actually try the product, but from swatching it, it looked promising. Well I'm a bad blogger and haven't used it at all since! I really need to give it a go and hopefully will be able to review it for you all very soon.

That's all for this post. I hope you're all well!
I shall report back to you on my findings some time soon.

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