February 02, 2014

Huge Collective Haul

Hello Readers,

Today I have a rather large collective haul to show you. These are things that I've accumulated throughout mid December to mid January time. Majority of the items I have purchased myself however a few of them are Christmas presents which I wanted to include as well. So enough chit chat and on with the haul!
The first item I have to show you is this absolutely beautiful Skort which I got from Topshop. If you keep up with my blog, you'll know that I'm a monochrome kind of girl and tend not to wear any sort of colour. However I just couldn't resist this piece. The moment I saw it in store I knew I had to have it and after a few days thought, I went back and snapped it up. It's a beautiful thick satin material and is in this lovely peachy orange colour which is a colour I don't think I have in my wardrobe whatsoever. This skort is £40 which is rather pricey but for the quality of the material, I think it's worth it.  
Next up is this adorable little jumper which would you believe it or not was from Primark! This is something I'd easily pay quite a bit of money from in any high street store but it was only £12 which is such a good price for something as cute as this! I've worn this quite a few times since picking it up and can see it quickly becoming a regular go to piece.
Next is another surprising Primark piece and it's one that you may have seen before as I know it's really popular with bloggers right now. It's this lovely cropped fluffy high neck jumper which was only £10. They do this in a few different colours however I went with the creamy white colour as it's the one I felt I could get the most use out of. If you like the look of this, I highly recommend picking it up asap as I'm sure this will sell out fast!  
Next are these statement poppy jacquard treggings which I featured in my Topshop wishlist post back in December. I very kindly received them as a Christmas present from my Mum which I'm very grateful for. These are essentially just printed disco pants so naturally I was very drawn to them as I'm a big fan of the AA disco pants. As they're such a statement piece they're really easy to style, I like to wear them with just a simple black jumper and heeled boots. A simple, comfy yet quirky outfit due to the print of the treggings. These are available from Topshop and cost £28.
Next item is this Asymmetric Bandage Skirt from Missguided. This was also a Christmas present, however this one was from my boyfriend, Chris. This skirt is a classic staple piece which I know I'm going to get a lot of wear out of. The asymmetric cut makes it stand out in comparison to your traditional black skirt and can give a quirky edge to any outfit. This skirt is still available on Missguided and retails for £19.99 which is fantastic value. I've featured it in an OOTD post on my instagram which you can check out by clicking here. 
Next item is this lovely little skater skirt from Primark. It's a lovely red wine colour although in the photo it's coming up rather bright so apologies for that. I picked this up on my hunt for a red velvet skirt, however they didn't have the velvet ones in my size so I went with this faux silk one instead. It's a beautiful piece and came in handy during the festive period! I can't remember the exact price of this skirt however I think it was around £6.
Next up is another item from Topshop. These are Leather Look Dungarees which I know won't be to everyone's taste, infact I myself wasn't too sure on them in the beginning but there was just something about them that drew me to them. It wasn't until I tried them on in the changing rooms that I realised just how much I like them. I picked these up in a size 6 and they seem to fit quite well. These leather look dungarees are £55 and are still available on the Topshop website if anyone is interested.
Next up is another Topshop item and it's this cropped fluffy black jumper. This was a Christmas present from my mum and since receiving it on Christmas day, I've had to battle with the urge to wear it almost everyday. It's so comfortable and snuggly, not to mention a great staple piece. It goes with everything in my wardrobe and I simply adore it. They have these in a few different colours and I'm thinking of picking up a few more as I love it that much. This jumper is still available from Topshop and costs £34.  
Next up is this Faux Leather Asymmetric Skirt in this beautiful dusky pink colour. As I said before in this post, I'm not the biggest fan of colour, pink in particular as I feel like it doesn't suit me. However when I saw this on the Missguided website it was just too beautiful to pass up. The model looked amazing in it and I really liked how they'd styled it on her so that also helped convinced me to buy it. This skirt was £19.99 and I hope to be featuring it in an OOTD post soon! 
Next up is this lovely white Skort, also from Missguided. I'm really into Skorts at the moment, and couldn't resist picking up this simple white one. It's a great staple piece and will fit great into my mostly monochrome wardrobe! This Skort retails for £17.99 and is still available on the website.
Yet another Skort I know, however this one is so beautiful I just had to have it in my life. I don't own anything tapestry print, which is beyond me as I really love the pattern. I was looking at picking up a two piece tapestry print suit a while ago however the price put me off, when I came across this Skort on Boohoo I thought for sure it would be pricey yet amazingly it only cost £15! I absolutely love the way they've styled it on the website, and plan on wearing it in a similar sort of way. I adore it so much and I just know I'm going to wear it a lot! Look out for an OOTD post featuring it very soon!  
Back to Topshop now! Again, you may or may not have already have seen these leggings before as they are rather popular. These are the Blackwatch Check leggings which are basically just a blue - green tartan print. Again, they're super easy to style and are really comfortable to wear. They are still available on the Topshop website and cost £25.
Next up is another Christmas present from my mum, these are the infamous Topshop joni jeans. I have them in a light blue shade and I'm very happy to finally have them in another colour. These are the black acid wash colour I've already worn these a fair few times and love them to pieces! They suck you in and make you look super slender so I highly recommend them. These retail for £36 which seems expensive but Topshop jeans are worth it!
Next up is another Missguided item, this is a cropped white mesh tshirt which I can't see on the website anymore however if it has sold out then it will be restocked sometime soon as Missguided tend to restock popular items within 2 - 3 weeks. I'm yet to wear this however I think it'll look great with the faux leather pink skirt I also picked up from Missguided. Expect to see it feature on an outfit post on my blog sometime soon. 
Next up is a jumper from Next which I kindly received as a Christmas present from my boyfriends dad and his girlfriend. This is a lovely thin knitted V-neck which features small sparkly silver threads all throughout it. This jumper is a great staple piece and looks great with the printed Treggings I got from Topshop. 
Yet another Missguided item, this is a Long Sleeve Dogtooth Boxy Top. This retails for £17.99 and is still available on the website. It's a lovely little monochrome top which will look great when paired with a leather bodycon skirt. I'm yet to wear this out but I shall do an outfit post with it when I do. 
Next up is this cropped fluffy cream jumper from Boohoo. This was only £20 which is great value for money and is available in 3 different sizes. I went with the small and it fits great! I've worn this jumper with my tapestry print skort also from Boohoo and they look amazing together. This is a great staple piece which can be used time and time again. 
Next up is another Missguided item (I clearly love MG) this is a cropped rose print shirt which my boyfriend very kindly got me as a Christmas present. I first saw this shirt featured on Missguided's instagram, I knew I had to have it. It's such a beautiful piece and a colourful one at that! I featured this on an outfit post on my instagram which you can see here. I can't see this on the website anymore however it was quite a popular piece so I should imagine it'll be restocked soon.   
Next up is this mohair jumper from Primark. This jumper is quite different to your usual fluffy jumper as it has jersey sleeves and detailing. It's not something I thought I would go for, however when I tried it on there was just something about it that drew me to it. I find this looks great styled with some simple dark jeans and some chunky ankle boots. I can't quite remember the price of this but I think it might have been £12? 
Next up is this beautiful boyfriend style coat from New Look. I've wanted to get my hands on a coat like this for ages but just found them to be so overpriced in other stores. I wandered into New Look one day and came across this coat which retails for £39.99. I snapped it up straight away and with student discount managed to get it for around £35 which Is pretty good for a coat. I absolutely love this jacket which is unusual for me as my mum will know that I am the hardest person to buy a coat for! 
Next up is this Tartan shirt dress which is from Missguided. I picked this up in a 10 which I really shouldn't have as it's so long on me! The model on the site is wearing an 8, and it looked a little bit short on her so I thought I'd size up. How silly was I to forget that this was a model, a girl who is close to 6ft tall. I am not a model, I am a short girl around 5'4" so the 10 looks like I've stole my boyfriends shirt. However when belted in the middle I think it looks alright so I'm just going to keep it and if I change my mind then it should be comfy to sleep in! This dress is still available on the site and costs £24.99
Next up is the only footwear I have in this haul and it's these little Topshop lace up boots which I bought back in December time. I've been wearing them pretty much non stop since I picked them up as I love that little bit of height they give me. I'm a heel girl so I really appreciate being able to wear a sensible heeled shoe on a day to day basis. These boots cost £38 however because of how much wear I've had out of them so far, I'd say they're definitely worth it! 
 The final thing in this haul is this simple white textured boxy tee from Topshop. I picked this up back in December and actually haven't wore it that many times as It's got a little mark on it and I haven't got enough whites to put on a white wash (haha so lazy I know!) So when I do finally get this tee in the wash, expect to see it feature on my blog as it's very easy to style. This top cost about £22.

That's all for this haul. It's a rather large one so if you managed to stick to it and read all through this post then well done! I'm sorry for being a bit MIA recently, I'm hoping to sort that out and get back to blogging. (or so she says..)

I hope you're all well!



  1. Oooh I love a good haul post..and this is a super-haul!!! Great stuff, thanks for sharing :-)

    1. Haha same! Thank you very much :) I'm glad you liked it!

  2. love love love those Topshop dungarees! such a cool piece x

  3. Such gorgeous picks! I'm happy to let you know that you've won my mac lipstick giveaway! Drop me an email at my buisness email at aliceoliviasnell@gmail.com and let me know what colour you would like and your postal details!
    wooooooo for mac lipsticks! xxxx

    1. Oh my goodness thank you so much! Am I too late in getting back to you on this? I've sent you an email about it anyway :) xxxx

  4. I love so many of these purchases! Especially the tartan trousers! X