August 05, 2013

Products I Regret Buying #1 - MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

Hello Everyone!

Today I will be doing the first post in a series called "Products I Regret Buying". I decided to start doing a few of these posts as there's a fair few products I have that I really regret picking up and I thought this could be potentially useful for anyone who's interested in picking up these products themselves and may want to hear the potential cons that they experience with said product.

The product I will be talking about today is MAC's Pro Longwear Concealer.
I don't really have a great deal of MAC makeup so this is the only MAC product that I've been disappointed by. Well the only product that I've been disappointed by that I still have. I was also let down by the MAC Zoom Lash Mascara but that's a different story so I won't go into that! Before I get started I'd just like to say that these are my honest opinions of this product, these are things which I have experienced and not enjoyed. If this product works for you then that's good, but unfortunately it didn't work for me so please don't be offended if you happen to love this product.

I picked this product up on a whim whilst in America 2 years ago. I went into the store and felt pretty overwhelmed by everything so when I was approached by one of the girls who worked in there I sort of blurted out that I wanted a concealer. I somehow ended up being convinced to purchase this one and it wasn't until I got back in the UK that I realised how much of a bad purchase this was. I think this cost me about $18, I'm not sure how much it is here so you'd have to check that yourself. I was matched up to the shade NC20 which as I said, I didn't even question until I was back in the UK.

First of all, the most disappointing thing about this product is the colour I was matched up to. This is far too dark for me and I have no idea what the girl was thinking matching me to this shade. I caught no colour whatsoever on my face whilst I was out in America so I don't see how I was possibly matched up with this colour. I am an incredibly pale person, think porcelain. In fact my foundation colour is light porcelain!
Below I've included shots of my foundation which is the correct shade for my skintone, right next to the concealer so you can see just how crazy the comparison in the 2 shades actually is.


This product is far too dark for me and there is no way on earth I could possibly get this to work for me unless I was to begin tanning but I don't do that so this is effectively useless and a waste of money! Aside from the product being the completely wrong shade, I also find the packaging to be really ill thought out. MAC did create this product with a pump however you have absolutely no control over how much product this pump squirts out and it always squeezes out too much product so you end up with far too much concealer for one person to use. Sometimes if you're extremely careful you can squeeze out just the right amount however majority of the time it just squirts out far too much product. Another design fault with the pump is that because it squirts out too much product you always get an excess of concealer just on the opening of the pump which then manages to smear all around the pump and on the inside of the lid so the packaging looks incredibly messy.
I find this concealer to be quite liquidy and it's very easy to blend HOWEVER if you are the type of person who applies blobs of concealer on all your flaws, dark circles, red areas of skin and then blends, you will have problems with this concealer as despite being a very liquidy formulation it dries extremely fast! For example, if I put a blob of this under each eye and then went on to apply blobs of it over some imperfections, when it came to blending the concealer under my eyes it would have began to have dried and then it became really hard to blend. By the time I moved on to blending the concealer that was on any spots or red areas, it would have dried completely and would not budge.

Another thing I don't like about this product is that I just don't think it provides that great a coverage, especially underneath my eyes. As it's quite liquid based, I find that it goes on quite sheer and light so it really doesn't cover up a lot of the darkness underneath my eyes. I also find that this unfortunately seems to crease underneath my eyes quite badly. Not as bad as the Sleek Concealer and Corrector Palette which I have previously reviewed on my blog, however it still collects in the slight lines I have underneath my eyes and that's not something I expect from a brand that is quite expensive and is considered more high end.

Overall I just really did not like this product and will definitely not be repurchasing this. So far I'm yet to find a concealer that will rival the infamous Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer which I have used religiously since I was about 15 years old.

That's all for todays post, I hope you enjoyed.

Let me know what your thoughts on this product are, does it work for you? Or do you find yourself in agreement with my opinions? I'd love to hear!

Hope you're all well.



  1. I adore this concealer! I recently purchased another one haha! So weird how people have different opinions on stuff x

    1. Haha it is strange isn't it? :) I just think I'm too in love with the collection concealer so nothing else can possibly win me over! x