August 28, 2013

August Favourites

Hello Readers.

As you may know already, I am about to go on holiday to Zante very soon. I leave on Friday the 30th and won't be back until the 6th of September. I am currently working on trying to get as many posts written up as I can beforehand so that hopefully if I have internet access, I'll be able to post them whilst I'm away. I am going to try and do holiday OOTD posts also, however I'm not too sure if that'll be done whilst I'm away or just when I'm back. It depends on the internet situation and whatever is easiest for me. So as it's coming up to the end of the month, I thought it would be a good idea to do my August Favourites post. Now this month I haven't really been using a great deal of different products, I'm still thoroughly enjoying using the products I featured in my last monthly favourites post, especially my GOSH BB Cream which I am just in love with! However a few (and I mean a few) new favourite products have made their way into my everyday makeup bag so I thought I'd do a post anyway.

So my first favourite product of this month is a blush, and this is Benefit's Dandelion blush. As you can see from the images above I don't actually own the full size version of this product, just a small sample size which comes in the "Feelin' Dandy" Cheek and Lip Kit. My mum very kindly bought me this kit almost a year ago whilst we were at the airport about to go to Spain.

I've recently been enjoying wearing quite a minimal make-up look and this blush is perfect for just that. Dandelion is a very light, subtle pink colour which does have a very, very fine shimmer in the pan however I don't notice any of this transferring onto my face. The colour is such a natural and healthy looking shade of pink that it just compliments the skin quite nicely. I personally am not a massive fan of pinky blushes as I don't often like how they look on me, however I make an exception for this one as it's so subtle and pretty. It adds a nice natural looking flush of colour without looking like you even have makeup on. It also blends in very easily! This little kit retails for about £23 which is incredibly expensive but I do think it's worth it as you get to try 4 Benefit products for what is usually the price for about 1.

The next product in my August Favourites is this Coconut scented body spray which I picked up from The Body Shop almost 2 weeks ago now. I featured it in a mini haul so if you're interested in reading that then just click here. Since picking it up, it has fast become a favourite scent of mine despite the fact that I wasn't actually meant to start using it until I was on holiday. There's not really a great deal I can say about this product as to put it simply, it's just a coconut scented spray. I love the smell of coconut and think it just smells so lovely and summery! The scent lasts quite long on my skin which is great as there's nothing more annoying then when you spray some perfume and it's gone within half the day. You get 30ml of product in this bottle which isn't too bad but for £8, I do think it's kind of expensive. However I'd gladly pay for it as it just smells so lovely.

Next up in this months favourites is this Simple Kind To Skin, Hydrating Light Moisturiser. I bought this a while back instead of picking up my usual Simple Rich Replenishing one, as I wanted something a bit lighter during the summer months. This has worked wonders on my skin and I really do swear by any Simple Kind To Skin Moisturiser. They hydrate my skin wonderfully and absorb really quickly. They also never leave my skin feeling greasy or oily after I've used them! This retails for around £3 - £4 however you can often find Simple skin care products on offer at Superdrug so keep an eye out!

My last and final favourite product from the month of August has been this Collection "Work The Colour" Eyeshadow Pencil in the shade Vanilla Sky 1. I featured this in a Haul post from July which you can see by clicking here. As you can see from the description on the product, this is a velvety, blendable eyeshadow pencil. I picked this up on a whim and I'm glad I did as this has became my favourite product to use as a inner corner highlight. It's the perfect colour and consistency for this purpose. It blends very easily and is also waterproof which is a god send as my eyes are so watery and I am forever rubbing the inner corner of my eyes and taking off whatever make-up happens to be there. However this product stays put, no matter how much I ended up rubbing my eyes during the day. I really do like this and wish to pick up some more shades in the future, and at the retail price of £3.19 I don't see why not!

That's all for my August Favourites post. I hope you've enjoyed it!

Let me know what you think of any of these products below?

Hope you're all well!



  1. HI,I REALLY LOVE THIS BEAUTY BOX! I'm happy to be your newest follower on GFC ; it would be great if you'd follow back :).I'll be waiting for you!
    Kisses, Mimi

  2. I've been really wanting to try the Benefit Dandy palette! Thanks for the review, I need to purchase it! :)

    Great blog by the way!
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    1. Thank you so much! I'll check it out :) xx

  3. That Benefit Kit looks really good! I've been wanting to try one for so long.. I think this one might be the one I'm gonna try! Xx

    1. I'd recommend it! I love it :) Every product inside is great and you get a great mix. xx

  4. i've never tried the body shop's coconut spray but if it's anything like the body butter it must smell AMAZING!! xxx

    1. It honestly does! It lasts for ages and it's just such a lovely scent, really summery :) xxx