August 17, 2013

Mini Haul #4

Hello Everyone!

Today I went up town to start picking up some bits for my very last minute holiday to Zante which is less than 2 weeks away now. I went up town with the idea of picking up a new bikini and some plain denim shorts, however as my holiday is so late into the year there wasn't a lot of summer stock left and the bikini section in each store was really slim pickings. A lot of the bikini's were so tragic and when I found one that I liked the top would be the right size but the bottoms would be a 16. So needless to say I ended up just buying random stuff instead and this has resulted in a mini haul for you guys!

So somehow I ended up wandering into Superdrug and this resulted in this Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo being purchased. I picked this up in 05 Eternal Gold and as you can see from the pictures it's this beautiful muted, creamy gold colour. There is another gold shade in the Colour Tattoo range and I believe it's called 25K Gold, and that is an extremely bright gold colour so if you're into really pigmented gold shades then I would recommend you try that. I went for this one as I just really loved the colour, it's not too scary and I think it can be used to create a lot of classy evening looks. I already have the shade on and on bronze and I feel like these two would work really well together. I did have a look for the metallic pomegranate shade however they didn't stock that one in my Superdrug so that's one for the make-up wishlist. I picked this up for about £4.99.

The next thing I picked up was Collection 2000's Fix Me Up Lasting Make-up Fixer. I've already used up a bottle of this and I quite like it. I use this mostly on nights out as on a normal everyday basis I don't wear much make-up. I just spray my face with about 3 pumps of this and I feel like it helps to set my make-up and I would say it also helps to keep it on regardless of how many hours I've spent stomping away on the dance floor. I picked this up for also about £4.99.
Next I popped into The Body Shop on the hunt for a coconut scented body spray. My friend Hannah wears this and it smells absolutely fabulous. It's literally like a holiday in a bottle. Just the scent of it reminds me of suntan lotion and pina colados. I think this will be a lovely scent to wear on the evenings of my holiday when we go out for dinner etc so I'm very excited to start using this. This was around the £8 mark which is very expensive for only 30 ml of spay, however my boyfriend Chris, kindly bought me this so thank you very much to him!

Next I popped into New Look where I picked up this beautiful white Cami vest. I've been really into these as they've been massively on trend for the Summer, however I never really picked one up for some reason despite wanting one. I found this one in New Look today and absolutely fell in love with it. This looks so well made and feels such good quality and only cost £9.99 which is a really good price! The ones I was originally looking at in Topshop were around the £20 mark which just seems so silly for a little vest. I definitely want to invest in a few more of these in lots of different shades! So practical and stylish.

The final thing I picked up was this Black off the shoulder peplum top which I picked up from Primark for only £6! I've been eyeing up this top for ages and finally picked it up today. It's such a good staple piece to have in your wardrobe and can easily go from day to night. I absolutely adore this and think it'll be a lovely piece to wear out for dinner whilst I'm on holiday.

That's all for this mini haul, I hope you don't mind as it did seem quite short.
I think there will be another mini haul coming up some time soon as I still need to pick up a bikini and I'm sure I'll end up picking up other stuff also.

Hope you're all well!




  1. Love the maybelline tattoo eyeshadows theyre so good considering the price :) really like your new look cami too!
    Meg xx

    1. Agreed, I just want to buy them all! Thank you :) xx

  2. You got some really cute things! Always wanted to try the color tattoo, maybe I will, I just hate buying individual containers of eye shadow, I always just prefer a palette. Please check out my blog if you get the chance!

    1. Thank you so much :) I highly recommend you do! I never usually buy single eye shadows myself but I made an exception for these. So worth it! I followed you back :) x

  3. you brought some really great things! great post, I have followed your blog :)
    Shelley ♥

    1. Thank you so much :) I followed yours too! xx