June 13, 2013

My Makeup Brush Storage.

Hello Readers!
Now today's post is a follow up to my recent makeup storage post, however this time it's all about my makeup brushes instead! Once again this will probably be a short post as there really isn't a lot I can say about my makeup brushes. Let it be known now that I actually don't own very many makeup brushes at all. When I was a bit younger I used my hands to apply my foundation, I used the tiny little eye shadow applicators to put on any eye makeup and I didn't wear any blush till I was a bit older so for a while there was no need for me to have brushes.

I'm pretty sure my nan was the person who gave me my first makeup brush. She made up a little makeup bag for me which was full of old makeup that she no longer used. This makeup was for me to play about with when I used to put on fashion shows in her living room. Inside that little kit was a big all over face / blush brush which is actually pictured above! I began slowly buying makeup brushes over time, I didn't ever stick to a specific brand, it was just whatever I could afford at the time. Some of my brushes I acquired through makeup sets, others were from a brand called Eco Tools, some were from H&M, some from ELF and the rest are Real Techniques.

I keep all my brushes in this little white bucket which I picked up from a store called The Range. I got this in the sale for about £2.50. I think this is originally meant to be a tea light burner however this little bucket is just so cute to ruin with wax and it holds all my makeup brushes perfectly. I really like the see through heart detail on either side, as this allows me to see my shorter makeup brushes such as my kabuki's or little lip brushes that I keep in there.


Sorry this has been such a short post!

I hope you find it somewhat enjoyable.



  1. so cute, your photos are gorgeous! i love the range for little bits and pieces like this - they are so cheap too!

    bec X

  2. Aww thank you! Your blog is lovely by the way! Just followed it :) x