June 27, 2015

The Perfect Lip Combo

Around February time MAC's lipstick in Faux entered my life and since then it has become one of my most reached for lipsticks. Faux is a MAC lipstick that I've never heard anyone say too much about, I just so happened to swatch it in store one day and fell in love with how it looked. It's a lovely pinkish brown shade with a Satin finish meaning it's comfortable to wear and not drying on the lips. As Faux is a Satin finish the colour transfers across very well with a slight shine to it and has that usual vanilla like scent to it that all MAC lipsticks seem to have. Very recently I began pairing it with a lip liner from Barry M in the shade Russet. Like Faux, Russet is also a dark nude shade however this liner is slightly more brown toned whereas the lipstick is a little more pinky.
Russet - although a beautiful colour is quite dry and the application can be quite difficult as it's not creamy or velvety in the slightest. However the liner does cost only £2.99 so some faults are to be expected. Despite this, the colour does go on well and it is an incredibly pigmented lip liner so don't let that factor put you off giving it a go. The pairing of the two together creates the perfect dark nude lip which at best could be described as another answer to the "Kylie Jenner" lip colour phenomenon which swept the blogging community. To achieve the look I tend to line my lips first with the liner, then proceed to lightly fill in the rest of my lips using the liner to create an initial canvas for the lipstick to go on. I then apply the lipstick all over to achieve the more intense colour.
If I'm wearing this combination during the day I like to blot it slightly in order to make it look more matte, however at night I much prefer the glossy finish as it feels that slight bit more glamorous. If you're looking for that perfect 90's lip colour that I'd highly recommend giving this combination a go. It's one that I'd believe would suit a lot of different skintones.
A photo of both Russet and Faux on together (after blotting)

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