June 23, 2015

New In: Primark Summer Bits

So I recently took a trip into Primark with my mum as I was helping her pick up some last minute holiday bits. Unfortunately due to ill health and lack of funds I won't be going anywhere this year so I'll be embracing whatever poor excuse for Summer we get here in the UK. Despite the fact I had no intention of making any purchases myself I somehow ended up leaving with a little Primark bag of my own although I guess I can't feel too guilty as it was all so cheap! 

Knitted Cream Vest - £5
Black Pom Pom Print Shorts - £4
Black Round Sunglasses - £2.

I'm hoping to pop back into Primark some time soon to have a more thorough browse of their current stock so keep an eye out for any more potential haul posts coming up!


  1. Fantastic picks- they look such good quality! Can't believe you paid just over £10 for everything in that picture.

    Hunter // paisley-stripes.blogspot.co.uk


    1. Thank you very much :) I know right?! It's crazy how cheap it all was! x