May 20, 2014

New In: Missguided Pieces

Hello Readers,

I've been on a spending ban recently and managed to go almost four months without treating myself to anything. Which is pretty amazing by my standards, especially as I find that reading a lot of blogs / watching a lot of beauty and fashion content on Youtube really does sway me into buying things that I probably could have lived without. After going so long without picking any bits up I finally decided it was time to reward myself as we all deserve the odd treat every now and again! It just so happened to be around the time that Missguided sent an email out promoting 30% off of selected items. I had a night out coming up so quickly took the chance to snap up a new outfit at a discounted price. 

This was the playsuit I picked up for my night out - now admittedly it's not something I ever thought I'd like as typically when I go on nights out I either wear black, white or red. I don't think I've ever gone out in something so loud yet there was something that really drew me to this. I really love the dark, romantic feel to this playsuit. It looks lovely with a little black belt to cinch in the waist and some chunky black heels to add some height. I wore my MAC Rebel lipstick with this and honestly, it's like a match made in heaven. Perfect combination of colours! I managed to get this for £19.45 all together including delivery thanks to the discount code.

Mintare Crop Top with Spaghetti Straps - £9.99

 I didn't intend to order any other items from Missguided until 12 days later - when Missguided sent me another email offering a discount code. This time they were doing a secret 24 hour discount for those who are signed up to their email list (seriously it's worth doing, they offer a lot of discounts!) In this email they gave you a code which when used at checkout would either be worth 10%, 15% or 20% so I decided to check mine and what do you know?! It happened to be worth 20% so I just had to pick some stuff up! First up I got this Mintare Crop Top with Spaghetti Straps in black. I've been looking at getting this little top for so long and finally decided to get it. It's a great little basic which fits me so well. I definitely think I'm going to pick up a few more - some printed ones would be great! 

The final thing I picked up is this pair of Lace trim Shorts. Again, this isn't something I'd typically go for but I found myself really drawn to them. They're very easy to style and could easily go from day to night so I hope to get lots of use out of them! Look out for these being featured in an outfit post very soon. 

That's all for this small haul. I know it isn't much but I just thought I'd show you the new pieces that I've just added to my wardrobe. If you haven't had a look at Missguided before then I highly recommend checking them out. They have a fantastic range of clothes, shoes, accessories etc and all of it is very reasonably priced. It's probably my favourite place to shop now! Also, they've recently been giving out free Kinder Buenos with each order which is a nice little bonus! Free chocolate and discounted clothes *Heavenly*

That's all for this post! I hope you're all well.

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