May 05, 2014

New In: MAC Rebel

Hello Readers,

Today I will be talking about a lipstick which came into my life a little while back and I think it's about time I shared it with you all. Back in January I entered a MAC lipstick giveaway which was being hosted by the lovely Alice from The Fairest Of Them. I was fortunate to have won and Alice was in contact straight away asking me which shade I would like. Originally I was torn between two shades but in the end settled for the blogger favourite that is Rebel. 

When my lipstick arrived (accompanied by an adorable little note from Alice, thanks again!) I was over the moon. Rebel is a shade that definitely does not disappoint! It's described on the MAC website as a midtonal plum which I'd say is pretty much spot on. It's a really lovely fuchsia toned berry / wine colour, I'll admit that in the bullet it does look a lot darker - more like a vampy, purple shade but it really doesn't transfer like that at all. It's a colour which is both day and night appropriate, although I particularly like to wear it when I'm going for a night out as it's the perfect shade - not too dark and not too girly!  

Rebel is a Satin finish, it dries Semi-Matte but with a slight sheen to it, meaning it's very comfortable to wear and does not feel drying in the slightest. It's surprisingly long lasting considering that it's not a fully matte lipstick, I find that I can eat and drink and it will stay put with minimal touch ups required! The only negative thing I'd say about this lipstick would be that whenever I do wear it, I do notice that it stains my lips for quite a while after. I mean if anything that's proof as to how pigmented it is, however I don't appreciate waking up the next day with really dark pink pigmented lips as it looks rather bizarre. In all fairness though I only use baby wipes to remove my make-up, so perhaps I'm not scrubbing hard enough! 

Rebel - Featuring my awful application skills.

If anyone is interested in giving this lipstick a go then I highly recommend you do so. It's such a wearable shade and would suit every skintone! I've already wore it countless times since receiving it and have noticed that it's fast becoming one of my most reached for lipsticks. 

That's all for this blogpost, I hope you're all well.
Oh and apologies for the messy nature of my blog layout right now, I'm in the middle of trying to update it and do something different with it but as I'm so useless at this sort of thing, it's looking a bit rough. Hopefully I can get this sorted shortly..

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