March 16, 2014

Pastel Hues : Photoshoot

Hello Readers,

I am the worst blogger ever. Every time I come back to my blog I say how I'm going to start being really motivated with it and post more often, yet within a matter of days I'm absent again and don't update it for quite some time. My last post was almost a month ago which is pretty bad even by my standards. However, I'm back today to share some photos with you all from a recent Pastel themed photoshoot I did. This was a really exciting shoot for me as it's probably the first time I've had a full team working with me and I felt pretty proud of myself for taking control and organizing all of this. Particularly because I'm such a shy person, living in a big city and being so young - it can be really overwhelming trying to make contacts by yourself. Thankfully, I overcame my nervousness and somehow managed to pull this shoot together.

This shoot was done at the most adorable little vintage beauty parlour on Station Street in Nottingham which hasn't even been opened a month yet! If you're ever in Nottingham, I highly recommend checking them out. The girls who work there are all super friendly, very welcoming and very professional! They offer a variety of affordable services, from Brows and threading at £5, to Manicures at £18, to full blown vintage makeovers, including hair at £60! They're a fantastic new business and I can't wait to see how they grow and develop over time!

Photographer and Stylist: Myself
Model: Mariella Cattley @ Model Students
MUA: Jessica Rose Pykett
Hair: Emma Whitley
Accessories: Lulu Brandy Vintage
Location: Lulu B's: The Little Vintage Beauty Parlour

That's all for this post, I hope you're all well!

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