November 05, 2013

Birthday Wishlist

Hello Readers,

Sorry again for disappearing for so long! I went home on Friday for a visit and didn't come back till late last night. As a future warning I probably won't blog at all when I go home for brief visits as I don't have any products or clothes with me that I want to photograph. Also because when I go home I don't want to be glued to my laptop, I want to be catching up with my family! So hopefully you all don't mind that.

Anyway, if you didn't know already it's my birthday in 10 days time. I'll be turning 19 which seems so crazy as I still feel and look about 14 years old! I decided to make a little birthday wishlist of a few items that I have my eye on right now and wouldn't mind receiving as a gift.

From Left To Right

6. Sleek Pout Paint in Lava - £5.72
7. Motel Zena Bodycon Dress in Henna Hand Print - £32

That's all for my birthday wishlist.

I hope you've enjoyed. Is your birthday coming up soon? What are you hoping to get for your birthday? Let me know!

I hope you're all well.


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    1. Thank you :) Aw haha, at least there's always Christmas to look forward to! xx