November 27, 2013

50 Facts About Me

Hello Readers,

Today I will be doing the 50 Facts About Me Tag as it's one that I haven't done before and I noticed that the lovely Rheya from
PixiRella had done it today and tagged everyone! So that was more than enough encouragement for me to give it a go. It was quite hard trying to think of 50 facts about yourself however I'm glad I did it as it's quite nice to look at and think oh, I'm not as boring as I thought I was!

1. My full name is Paige Myra Young
2. I was named after a bitchy character in a show that my mum watched whilst she was pregnant.
3. I'm originally from Corby, aka "Little Scotland"

4. I run my own photography business and have done since I was 16 years old

5. I recently got a Christmas temp job at Topshop which I am over the moon about!
6. I currently live in Nottingham with my boyfriend Chris.

7. I met my boyfriend on Myspace when I was 14, we were friends for a while before finally becoming a couple when I was 16. (Although saying that, I fancied him the whole time we were friends haha)
8. We've been together for almost 3 years now.

9. I have a cat called Bubbles, he has half a nose.
10. I also had a dog called Buster, however we sadly had him put down this year due to poor health.

11. I failed my driving test twice and thankfully passed 3rd time round!
12. I don't do very well in test conditions.

13. I'm absolutely RUBBISH at maths. I'm more of a creative person so me and numbers just don't get on.

14. My first ever concert was Daniel Bedingfield,  I was about 8 years old.

15. My ultimate dream is to become a successful fashion photographer.
16. I absolutely love buying new clothes.
17. I only just got into the Hunger Games last week and now I'm addicted to it!
18. I had quite long hair and then when I got into secondary school, I began to have it cut
shorter and shorter until finally in year 9 I decided to get Rihanna's old short hair cut.

19. It's taken a while to grow back but I think it's finally at a decent length!

20. I have a younger brother called Jack, he's 15.
21. Much to the horror and disbelief of every person I've ever come across, I dislike the Harry Potter series. I've tried to get into it, books and movies but I just can't do it. I don't like it!

22. I used to be a massive greb / scene kid wannabe when I was 14. Multi coloured hair, black panda eyes, yeah you get the picture.

23. I want to go to London to study fashion photography. I'm hoping to do it next year with any luck!

24. I love going on nights out because I love dancing! I do the most crazy, ridiculous dance moves ever and feel no shame about it!

25. I love Adventure time.

26. I have the frizziest hair in the world, it sucks.

27. I'm a really fussy eater.

28. If I'm eating anything bread based and there is only bread in my mouth, no chicken or sauce etc, I will gag and throw up. Apparently my mouth doesn't like the taste of plain bread? Is this normal?!

29. I don't really like chips.

30. I don't like any form of hot drinks and that includes hot chocolate as well as tea, coffee etc.

31. I really want to see the Northern Lights.

32. I pretty much only wear black clothes.

33. I don't like wearing a coat.
34. When I was younger I used to love reading so much that I would to go to the library, take out the maximum of 10 books and return them a day or 2 later, having read them all!

35. Up until the age of 16 I wanted to be an author.

36. Despite passing my driving test in the summer, I have never drove a car. (Hooray for not being able to afford insurance)

37. I hate potatoes. They are vile.

38. Up until the age of 10 I used to regularly pretend to be a cat. My mum genuinely thought I needed to see someone because she was the concerned.

39. I used to be obsessed with the band Tokio Hotel.

40. I bite my nails and I literally can't stop it.

41. I'm extremely squeamish.

42. I used to be addicted to the Sims 2 when I was younger. If someone came to the door to ask if I was coming out, I would say no so I could stay in and play sims.

43. I like playing games, I play Minecraft, Gears of War 3, Skyrim, Pokémon etc.
44. As a photographer I've covered 3 weddings, 3 proms, events etc.

45. When I was about 15 I used to be able to eat 3 takeaways a day however now I can barely finish a normal sized bowl of pasta.

46. Sammi from BeautyCrush and Jenn Im from Clothes Encounters are my style icons.

47. I'm a Scorpio.

48. Everybody compares me to a Shrew.

49. I don't like getting water in my face.
50. These facts are quite dull!
That's all for this post, well done to those of you who read through it all. You've done well!
I tag all of you who read this and fancy giving it a go.




  1. hahahaha I laughed when I read the second fact ;)

    1. Hopefully I'm not anything like the character haha! :') x

  2. WHEEEEY FOR SIMS!!! Best. Game. Everrrrrr! Especially on the PC. Ugh all the expansion packs - heaven.
    Glad you decided to do the tag my sweet!

    Rheya xxx | PixiRella

    1. It really is! I asked for it for Christmas, and in the months leading up to getting it I filled an entire notebook full of design ideas and back stories for the families I would create. So obsessed haha!

      Thanks for leaving it open for everyone to do! :) xxx

  3. This is a brilliant post :-) We love fact 4! We're business specialists so this has to be our favourite.

    x Roch & Tash x