February 14, 2013

It's time.

I've been indecisive for so long about what I want to do with my life. One minute I have my heart set on something and then the next I'm totally clueless. I finish my photography course at college this year and I made the decision not to go to university. I'm taking a gap year and I'm going to try and get myself some more work experience, preferably in retail, as my CV is desperately lacking.
Originally I didn't want to go to university but now, after seeing some of my course mates putting together their portfolio's for university interviews it got me thinking and I've decided that yes, I would like to go to university after my gap year. I'd love to do something with fashion, whether that be a fashion styling course, or a fashion photography course I'm not 100% sure.

So this leads me on to this blog, I figured that to give me the best chance of achieving my goal of doing something fashion related I need to get into blogging. Fashion and beauty blogs are huge right now and if you do it right it can really lead to some amazing opportunities. So I've decided to just get over my fear of what others may think of me and just try and maintain my own little fashion, beauty, and general blog. After taking a year out of college, I feel like a successful fashion blog can only be an advantage when applying for a fashion related course at university.
So, hopefully this post will be the first of many!