March 13, 2015

Back To Blogging...

After returning from university yesterday I was surprised to see that my tote bag from The Blogger Programme had finally came. I honestly couldn't tell you when I'd sent off for this but it was definitely some time ago! Whilst being thrilled to receive my bag it did leave me feeling a little bit guilty about how much I've neglected my blog since starting university. I've made countless drafts of half finished blog posts which never seemed good enough to publish so my blog has remained untouched since July. I'm almost finished with my second term of university now so I'm hoping that my Easter break gives me the chance to catch back up with some blogging. I have a few reviews to do, some photography posts and possibly some OOTD's. Hopefully I no longer take such a long break between updating my blog!


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  2. Best of luck with returning to blogging chick, i'm currently doing the same thing!

    Shannon x