June 13, 2014

Mini Beauty Haul

Hello Readers,

I was running low on some of my beauty essentials recently so I decided to pop in to Superdrug and restock on some of my products. I didn't pick up many products so there's not a lot to show but I thought I'd do a little post on it anyway! 

First thing I picked up was a box of L'OREAL Casting Creme Gloss Hair Dye in the shade Iced Truffle. Now I don't think I've mentioned this on my blog before but unfortunately I'm on the side of the family that goes grey early meaning I have to dye my hair pretty regularly to stay on top of the problem. I've dyed my hair countless times throughout my teen years and don't usually stay loyal to one brand, however the last few times I have repurchased this exact dye and in this exact shade. It's a lovely product and I feel like the colour is the perfect shade of chocolate brown! 

Next up is the Gosh CC Illuminating foundation which retails for £8.99. I've never used this product before, in fact I was going to purchase my usual Gosh BB cream however when I saw this I just felt really overwhelmed to try it. GOSH is a make-up brand that so many people overlook, probably due to price - however their BB cream is probably one of the best face products I've ever used. So when I saw they had released a CC cream and in 2 lighter shades I just had to have it. I've used this twice already but hopefully once I've formed an opinion on it I shall be able to review it soon! 

I then picked up a pack of Superdrugs own brand cleansing facial wipes. A bit of a boring purchase but a completely necessary one! Again, I don't stay loyal to one brand of face wipes and these just happened to be the ones I picked up on this particular trip to Superdrug. These wipes seem to be quite heavily fragranced which may or may not irritate my skin so I'll use them for now and see how I get on. 

The final product I picked up was the VO5 Heat Protect Styling Spray. I was never usually one for hair products as I never knew what products I needed to use and felt like they didn't do anything for me. However recently I have sort of settled into a hair care routine and this is one of the products that features in it, I do use it for its intended purpose which is to protect my hair from heat but it also kind of doubles as a de-tangling spray for me as I have really knotty hair. It's cheap and it does the job! I'm pretty sure I will be doing a post on my hair care routine quite soon so look out for that if you're interested in seeing what other hair products I use! 

That's all for this post, I hope you're all well!

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